Previous MSc, Lic and PhD theses on stellar explosions
  • Christina Humina, MSc, 2023: Photometric and spectroscopic analysis of the interacting supernova 2017dio
  • Louisa Arnell, MSc, 2023: UV and Optical Properties of 27 Tidal Disruption Events and Nuclear Transients
  • Christian Vassallo, MSc, 2023: Exploring the Cosmic History of Star Formation, Metallicity Evolution, and Core-Collapse Supernova Rates
  • Niilo Koivisto, MSc, 2022: Observational study of the type IIb supernovae 2017gkk and 2019gaf
  • Thomas Reynolds, PhD, 2021: The nature and rates of failed, rare, or obscured core-collapse supernovae and nuclear transients
  • Jussi Harmanen, Lic, 2020: Observational studies of supernovae and intermediate luminosity optical transients
  • Timo Kravtsov, MSc, 2019: Constraining supernova progenitors with integral field spectroscopy
  • Tarun Kumar, MSc, 2019: Commissioning and Characterization of LISA Spectrograph at Tuorla Observatory
  • Antero Ahola, MSc, 2018: Late-time near-infrared evolution of the ejecta and the equatorial ring of Supernovae 1987A
  • Tuomas Kangas, PhD, 2017: Observational studies of core-collapse supernova progenitors and their environments
  • Marzieh Khansari, MSc, 2016: Near-infrared observations of supernovae with the Nordic Optical Telescope
  • Teppo Heikkilä, MSc 2014: Constraints for core-collapse supernova progenitors with the Chandra X-ray Observatory
  • Jussi Harmanen, MSc 2014: SN 2011ap kehitys lähiultravioletista infrapunaan
  • Erkki Kankare, PhD 2013: Supernovae in dense and dusty environments
  • Tuomas Kangas, MSc 2012: Supernovien populaatio ja edeltäjätähdet starburst galakseissa
  • Venkatessh Ramakrishnan, MSc 2011: Detection of radio supernovae with the VLA​​
Many of our students spend a year working on La Palma under the ​​​Research studentship programme​ at the Nordic Optical Telescope