Welcome to the website of SustainBaltic

The main target of SustainBaltic (2016-2018) funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020:

To increase cross-border planning in order to ensure that Estonian and Finnish
land-sea interfaces with human-ecological networks are preserved and further developed,

With the final outputs of four ICZM (integrated coastal zone management) cases:
1. Satakunta Coastal and Marine Tourism, Finland
2. Lääne-Viru Challenges of Seasonality, Multifunctionality and Community Cooperation, Estonia
3. Integrating the Ecosystem Services of the Kokemäenjoki River Valley into Land Use Planning, Finland
4. Spatial Development Plan for the Coastal Area between Hara Peninsula and Ristinina, Läänemaa, Estonia

SustainBaltic work with the FINAL OUTPUTS of four ICZMs

SustainBaltic integrated nature and human activities related data in its first project year (2016/2017) to present integrated human-ecological networks of the Finnish and Estonian project area. More: The detailed descriptions over the data integrations in Estonia and in Finland.
During the second project year (2017/2018) the ICZM drafts were prepared for two case areas in Satakunta Region in Finland and two cases in the counties of Lääne and Lääne-Viru in Estonia. The ICZM drafts were evaluated by general public and stakeholders of the case areas.
In the Final seminar held in Turku in November, 2018 four ICZMs were published:

  1. Satakunta Marine and Coastal Tourism ICZM ENG Satakunta.pdf and FIN Satakunta.pdf ; and one report on the results of the map-based survey (FIN) Nordström_ym. 2018a.pdf
  2. Lääne-Viru Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan ENG Lääne-Viru.pdf and EST Lääne-Viru.pdf
  3. Kokemäenjoki River Ecosystem Services ICZM ENG Kokemäenjoki.pdf and FIN Kokemäenjoki.pdf; and two reports: the results of the map-based survey (FIN)  Nordström_ym. 2018b.pdf and the introduction of the ecosystem services (FIN) Mononen ym. 2018.pdf
  4. Läänemaa Spatial Development Plan for the Coastal Area between Hara Peninsula and Ristinina ICZM ENG Läänemaa.pdf and EST Läänemaa.pdf

The ICZMs are ready for the implementation, and for further development based on our learning experiences to the other regions of the Baltic Sea as well outside of the Central Baltic Programme area.