Project Implementation and Deliverables

The work flow of SustainBaltic (Sep, 2016 - Nov, 2018)

1.1 Integrating current human activity, land use, nature and environmental management data by GIS derived tools.
1.2  After data integration, the four cases from EST (2) and FIN (2) were selected.
1.3 The preparations of ICZM case drafts include in addition to the preparation, the testing phase where the drafts compared technically to the regional plans that currently in the use and the ICZM drafts presented to the public.
1.4 Thereafter, the public map-based web applications launched for assessing the ICZM drafts and working group meetings arranged for the evaluation of the drafts as well.
1.5 Based on the reflections, the planners modified ICZM drafts in order to finalize them to be e-published in the websites of LP and PPs and presented to the end-users i.e. stakeholders and general public in November, 2018.

Deliverables towards ICZM case plans

1.1 Integration of human-ecological data (Autumn 2016- Summer 2017) The first results dealing with the human and ecological data integration were presented at the public dissemination event 13 June, 2017 at Tallinn University. Read the detailed descriptions of the integration process in Estonian and Finnish project areas:

>> Integrated databases and their visualisations on project area

Work report in Finnish about the first activity phase A.T.1.1: Leikola ym. 2018

1.2 Selecting ICZM case areas based on spatial indicators analysis (Spring-Autumn 2017) In Finland, the key theme for the ICZM case along the Satakunta Region coast is focusing on the role of tourism and another ICZM case covers ecosystem service based theme in the watershed of the River Kokemäenjoki in Satakunta Region. In Estonia, the case areas for ICZM planning are locating in Lääne-Viru and Läänemaa with the key themes of  sea related mobility/transport, vitality of communities and renewable energy sources. Read the detailed presentations about Estonian and Finnish case areas:

1.3 Preparation of ICZM case plans (Autumn 2017 – Springtime 2018) including technical testing with stakeholders and public presentations of the drafts in Finland and in Estonia:

>> Presentations about the progress of the preparation of ICZMs (Feb, 2018)

Testing meetings carried out with multiple stakeholders, general public in addition to EST and FIN steering group representatives during winter and early springtime. 2018.

>> The drafts of ICZM plans (March-July, 2018) published at the SustainBaltic blog site, see information on these four ICZM cases:1. Lääne-Viru case; 2. Läänemaa case; 3. Satakunta coastal tourism case and 4. Satakunta ecosystem services of the River Kokemäenjoki case

1.4 Public and stakeholder assessment of ICZM plans (Spring – Autumn 2018) including development and launching public electronic platform for assessment of case ICZM plans and four working group meetings with stakeholders on evaluating ICZM plans (two in Estonia and two in Finland).

>> The feedback from the assessment of ICZM drafts by the e-query for the residents etc. living in the case areas, multiple stakeholders and EST and FIN steering group representatives and the feedback from the working group meetings

1.5. Updating ICZM plans based on evaluation (Autumn 2018)

Analysed feedback information is reflected onto the ICZM drafts.

>> The final products of SustainBaltic by Nov, 2018 – You can download the final ICZMs as pdf format from the front-page of this project site.