Taaperoikäinen lapsi laiturilla nallen kanssa

Toddler Study

Social and emotional strengths, delays and difficulties of toddlers

The project aims to develop ways to support social and emotional (SE) development and learning of the children under three. The early identification of and responding to delays and difficulties in SE development are extremely important for children´s development.

This study provides new information about the topic less researched. Based on the study topics and results, education materials, lectures and further training will be provided for the professionals of early childhood education.

Project period: 01.01.2019-31.12.2020.

This project is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education.

The study is a cooperation between the department of education, University of Turku and the subject of Speech and Language Pathology, Åbo Akademi University.


The project is managed by the associate professor Päivi Pihlaja, University of Turku