BIIDEA – innovations in spaces of extended reality

BIIDEA (Blended Interactive Innovation Distance Ecosystem Architectures) inspects innovation processes in spaces of extended reality. The focus is on how innovations emerge and develop in virtual (VR), augmented (AR) and mixed realities (MR) and in their combinations in blended hybrid spaces of extended reality (XR) in which physical environment, people and mixed reality meet and blend into something novel and useful for the innovation processes.

  • VR (virtual reality) means how simulated environment and world is experienced through digital technological items such as VR devices.
  • AR (augmented reality) means how real physical environment and world are augmented with digital 3D elements.
  • MR (mixed reality) means the combination of virtual reality and augmented reality.
  • XR (extended reality) means how physical environment, people and mixed reality meet and blend.

Project aims

  • create a model of knowledge creation (from ideas to innovations) and supporting processes in VR+AR+XR environments
  • map the VR+AR+XR business ecosystem in Finland and support cooperation within the ecosystem
  • identify together with the enterprises the technical requirements for digital platforms of blended extended reality that support the emergence and development of innovations
  • discover the market potential of technical platforms and services
  • networking with the international stakeholders to support the Business Finland Co-innovation phase
  • design co-creatively with the committed enterprises the project plan and applications for the Business Finland Co-innovation phase

During the project are produced also scientific and applied articles and reports in Finnish and English.

Project funding

BIIDEA is funded by the Business Finland Co-creation instrument and the Geography Section of the University of Turku in 2020–2021. The project is hosted by the Geography Section of the University of Turku.

Project results

Report (in Finnish): Virtuaalialustat yritys- ja innovaatiotapahtumissa –
SHIFT Suomessa lokakuussa 2020 VirBELA:n virtuaalialustalla

Virtuaalialustat innovaatiotapahtumissa

Report (in English): Virtual 3D platforms in entrepreneurship and innovation
events during the COVID-19 pandemic. The case of SHIFT in Finland in October 2020 on the VirBELA platform.

Virtual platform in innovation events

Report (in English): Entrepreneurship and Innovation Events during the COVID-19 – SHIFT and VirBELA

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Events during the COVID-19 – SHIFT and VirBELA

Report (in Finnish): VR, AR ja XR Suomessa: virtuaalitodellisuuden (VR), lisätyn todellisuuden (AR) ja laajennetun todellisuuden (XR) yritykset, kysyntä ja tarjonta Suomessa

VR, AR ja XR Suomessa

Report (in English): VR, AR and XR enterprises and related demand and supply in Finland

VR, AR and XR in Finland


If you are interested in BIIDEA and/or VR/AR/MR/XR in innovation processes, please, contact us!

Professor Jussi S. Jauhiainen (project leader),, 050 448 1208

Tessa Leivo,, 041 546 2044

Johanna Junnila,, 029 450 4111

Katriina Eskola,, 050 4777 362