Social programme

Tuesday 29 August

“EXPLORE THE HOOD” – Walking tours around Turku

This easy-going event gathers a 100 conference participants together to take a guided walking tour by the Aura river. There are four 25 person groups and a guide for each group. The lenght of the tour is 2 km and about 1,5 hours. The tours start from the City Hall (Aurakatu 2) at 18:30. Come and enjoy a stroll around the beautiful city of Turku!

Wednesday 30 August

“DEPENDS ON YOUR MOOD” – Explore the City Independently

On Wednesday you have the opportunity to explore Turku on your own. Turku offers a variety of activities to do, especially on a warm summer evening. Whether you want to check out the history of the city or enjoy a cold drink at the riverboats, the compact size of Turku offers the perfect surroundings for exploring. You can find more info at the official site of City of Turku (here) or at our conference site (here). There are as many options as there are people – Turku has something for everyone!

Thursday 31 August

“PARTY LIKE A KING” – Gala Dinner at Turku Castle

We invite you to join us in this event where you will indulge in a three-course dinner in the historic setting of Turku Castle. This iconic castle is Finland’s oldest and captivates visitors with its rich history.

During the three-course dinner, you will be treated to exquisite dishes carefully crafted from the finest ingredients. Throughout the evening, we will provide entertainment to enhance your overall experience. The event also offers an excellent opportunity for networking. You can meet fellow participants, exchange ideas, and create new connections in a professional and relaxed atmosphere. Turku Castle provides a unique setting for such networking, where history and the present intersect.

Turku Castle is a remarkable venue, a true gem in Finland’s history. It is Finland’s oldest medieval castle and offers visitors a glimpse into a bygone era. This historic fortress is radiating architectural beauty and telling stories of the past.

We cannot wait for you to join us for this unforgettable evening at Turku Castle. Come and enjoy a three-course dinner, live music and performances, and networking opportunities in this exceptional setting.

Bus number 1 goes to Castle of Turku from the market place and platform D1. Busses go eight times in one hour.

Dress code: cocktail / black tie optional

Friday 1 September

“RELAX LIKE A FINN” – Herrankukkaro Excursion

Join us on this extraordinary evening that will perfectly conclude your conference experience. Gathered around the dinner table, you will immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of a Finnish summer night’s magic.

Indulge in a feast of traditional Finnish delicacies presented in a buffet-style table, showcasing the flavors of the archipelago. From fresh seafood to crisp vegetables and mouthwatering smoked fish, our authentic “saaristolaispöytä” (archipelago table) will offer you a true taste of local delicacies.

You will also have the opportunity to relax in a genuine Finnish sauna, an internationally renowned part of Finnish culture. In the heat of the sauna, you can cleanse your mind and body, and truly relax yourself after the long conference week. And what better way to conclude the evening than taking a dip in a warm outdoor hot tub (or the sea!).

This event will take place in the breathtaking Finnish archipelago, where nature and the sea are ever-present. The beauty and serenity of the archipelago will provide the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable evening. Herrankukkaro offers you the chance to experience the very best of Finnish summer in its most authentic and picturesque form.

The buses to Herrankukkaro will depart from Turku main railway station at 16.00, and depart from Herrankukkaro to Turku at 22.00.