ESO Päivä 2023

ESO Day, Helsinki, 8th June, 2023

To mark the 60th anniversary of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) ’ESO days’ have been organised in most of the ESO Member States. Building on the 60 years of experience in astronomy development, discovery and cooperation, ESO continues to chart new territory for astronomy, technology and international collaboration.


Participation requires registration (by 25th May) following the link:


University of Helsinki, Language Centre, Festive Hall
Fabianinkatu 26, Helsinki

Invited speakers from ESO

ESO Director General Prof. Xavier Barcons
ESO Council President Prof. Linda Tacconi
ESO Director of operations Dr. Andreas Kaufer
ESO Director for Science Dr. Bruno Leibundgut
ELT Programme Manager Dr. Roberto Tamai


09:00-09:05 Opening words (Kalle-Antti Suominen)
09:05-09:35 Linda Tacconi: “ESO@60 uniting European astronomy”
09:35-10:05 Xavier Barcons: “ESO today and tomorrow”
10:05-10:20 Jari Kotilainen: “Finnish (Center for) Astronomy with ESO”
10:20-10:35 Heidi Korhonen: “Working at ESO – Career in observational astronomy”
10:35-11:05 coffee break
11:05-11:35 Bruno Leibundgut: “ESO’s role in the multi-messenger era”
11:35-11:50 Rubina Kotak: “Supernovae and other transients with NTT and VLT”
11:50-12:05 Thomas Hackman: “Active Suns with ESO 3.6m”
12:05-12:20 Aku Venhola: “Fornax Deep Survey with VST”
12:20-12:35 Yannis Liodakis: “Supermassive black holes through their multiwavelength polarized emission”
12:35-12:50 Karri Muinonen: ”Small Solar System bodies studied with VLT and NOT”
12:50-13:50 lunch
13:50-14:20 Roberto Tamai: “The ELT programme”
14:20-14:35 Hanin Kuncarayakti: “Finnish participation in recent ESO instrumentation – NTT/SOXS and ELT/MICADO”
14:35-14:50 Jalo Nousiainen: “Machine learning-based extreme adaptive optics control methods for the Planetary Camera and Spectrograph for ELT”
14:50-15:05 Alexis Finoguenov: “Studies of groups and clusters of galaxies using ESO facilities”
15:05-15:35 coffee break
15:35-16:05 Andreas Kaufer: “Synergies between the ELT and other future telescopes”
16:05-16:20 Talvikki Hovatta: “Resolving supermassive black hole jets with VLTI-GRAVITY”
16:20-16:35 Venkatessh Ramakrishnan: “ALMA in the race for a compendium of supermassive black hole images”
16:35-16:50 Petri Väisänen: “Global coordination and synergies between large ground-based observatories – opportunities for national communities”
16:50-17:00 Closing words (Seppo Mattila)

18:00-19:30 Studia Generalia
Tuomas Savolainen (Aalto University): “Mustan aukon reunalla — kuinka Event Horizon Telescope tuo näkymättömän esiin”
Bruno Leibundgut (European Southern Observatory): “Exploring the Universe with ESO Telescopes”

Venue: University of Helsinki, Porthania, PIII
Yliopistonkatu 3, Helsinki