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Researchers and collaborators


Maarit Mutta

Principal investigator
Associate professor, senior university lecturer

Maarit Mutta (PhD) is the Principal Investigator of the project. She is interested in how multilingual writers write and make their writing process more fluent. Mutta’s areas of expertise are, for example, writing processes and their fluency as well as writer profiles.

Mari Mäkilä

MA, doctoral researcher

Mari Mäkilä (MA) continues working on her doctoral dissertation in the project. In her research, Mäkilä examines syntactic complexity in language learner’s productions. Mäkilä’s role in the KISUVI project is to study what the complexity of produced bursts can reveal about multilingual learners’ fluency, the differences between target languages and the individual styles of language production.

Anne-Maj Åberg

Postdoctoral researcher
PhD, University Teacher

Anne-Maj Åberg (PhD) works as a postdoctoral researcher in the project. Åberg is working as University Teacher in the Centre for Language and Communication Studies at the University of Turku and teaches Business Swedish at the Turku School of Economics. Åberg has studied grammar learning in Swedish and metalinguistic awareness.

Päivi Laine

PhD, University Lecturer

Päivi Laine (PhD) is specialized in teaching and learning of Finnish as well as language teacher education. Her research interests in this project are Finnish as a first language, writing process in the first language and formulaic sequences in Finnish.

Outi Toropainen

PhD, Senior lecturer
Luleå University of Technology

Outi Toropainen (PhD) works as a researcher in the project, with focus on Finnish and Swedish. Toropainen’s areas of expertise are assessment of L2 writing, formulaic sequences and metalanguage of grammar.

Sinikka Lahtinen

Member of steering group (2022-2024)

Sinikka Lahtinen (PhD) works as a professor  in the department of Scandinavian languages at the University of Turku. Lahtinen’s areas of expertise are Swedish as a second/foreign language, pragmatics and language assessment. In this project, Lahtinen is interested in multilingual writers’ metalinguistic awareness in the writing process and formulaic sequences.

fi: Katja Mäntylän kasvokuva / en: Headshot of Katja Mäntylä
Katja Mäntylä

Member of steering group
Adjunct professor, senior lecturer

Katja Mäntylä (PhD) is a senior lecturer at the University of Jyväskylä. Mäntylä is specialized in language learning and teaching. In line with the themes of this project, Mäntylä has previously studied metalinguistic awareness and language learners’ writing processes, as well as idioms (doctoral dissertation, 2004).

Antti Suomela

Project researcher (2023–)
MA, Doctoral Researcher

Antti Suomela (MA) is a project researcher in the KISUVI project. In their PhD research, Suomela studies multilingual adults’ foreign language studies in Finnish basic education for adults. Previously, Suomela has worked for 10 years as an English and special education teacher.

Anni Hintikka

Project researcher (2022–2023)

Anni Hintikka (MA) worked as a project researcher in the KISUVI project. In her own research, Hintikka studies how multilingual learners’ foreign language lexicon develops and functions.