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CfP: Critical Approaches to Studying Race and Migration in Finland and Neighbouring Regions

24.11.2023 08:55 - 18:00

PhDs and early career researchers are invited to submit an abstract for the following seminar, organised at the University of Turku, Faculty of Law, on 24 November 2023. Detailed information can be found in the document attached below.

CfP: PhD and Early Career Researchers Seminar
Critical Approaches to Studying Race and Migration in Finland and Neighbouring Regions
Venue: University of Turku, Faculty of Law
Caloniankuja 3
24 November 2023

Against the backdrop of climate change and far-right turns in both Europe and worldwide, critical scholarship and strategies are urgently needed to tackle racism, and increasingly fatal and dehumanising migration regimes that are presumed to stop global majority migrants from entering and remaining in more affluent states of the global minority. Across the world, unprecedented legal measures, such as the removal of citizenship and the weakening principle of non-refoulement through pushbacks is increasingly seen. Migrant and racialised workers continue to be under-protected and exploited in; for instance, food systems, gig industries and sex work. Ethnic profiling, housing and workplace discrimination, hate crimes and speech remain rampant in the Nordics. These phenomena are not only driven by racist and colonial ideology and structures, they also lead to racialised outcomes.

This seminar calls for papers that examine the ways in which laws are experienced, in Finland and neighbouring states, that perpetrate and/or act as strategies to counter racist migration structures. Foregrounding race — as an analytical frame for structures underlying differentiated material reality — that intersects with multiple forms of oppression such as class, gender, disability, etc., this seminar acts as a space for researchers to critically contextualise and identify convergence of different structural mechanisms perpetrating different racial realities for migrants.

This event aims to strengthen the research community of PhD and early career researchers who are working on critical migration and race research for peer feedback and networking. It includes a public keynote lecture, seminar for participants to introduce their work and gather feedback. Meals are provided as a way to provide networking opportunities for participants.

The deadline for submitting an abstract (max. 250 words) is 22 September 2023, and should be summited via this form<> ( by 22 September 2023.

***Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline: 22 September 2023

Notification of acceptance: 6 October 2023

Submission of work: 10 November 2023

Seminar date: 24 November 2023

There is a small sum of financial support available for participants who are based outside of Turku. Due to the limited amount, participants should seek financial support from their institution first.

Should you require more information, please contact Dionysia ( for event and abstract submission matters, and Aleida ( for financial matters.

PDF – Critical Approaches to Studying Race and Migration in Finland and Neighbouring Regions