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Diversity, Trust, and Two-Way Integration (Mobile Futures) – 2021-2027
Mobile Futures is an interdisciplinary, action-oriented research project that strives to promote a fair and inclusive society through focusing on integration as a trust-based, two-way process. The primary goals of the Mobile Futures project are to foster good demographic relations, to promote a more diverse cultural and working life, and to identify and combat structural discrimination and racism in different societal spheres.
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JuDiCe (Justice in Digital Spaces) – 01/09/2022-31/08/2025
The objective of the Research Council of Finland project JuDiCe is to pave the way for a new framework of justice combining the data and the spatial dimension. JuDiCe is developed across science of space (geography) and justice (law) and brings together in a novel way the human, the spatio-legal, and the technological dimensions.
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The Person on the Edge: Disrupting Normative Legal Knowledge in the digital age – 2022-2024
In a less anthropocentric and more digital age, how do we shift from passive observation and critical distancing to active participation in law, in order to move towards a more equal and democratic law? Focusing on the role of concepts and using the concept of person as a thread, this project searches for ways to refer to concepts as experimental explanations instead of as universals referring to as an abstract form.
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ETAIROS (Towards Ethical Use of AI) – 2019-2025
The aim of the ETAIROS project is to study and develop practical processes and frameworks that help public, private and third-sector organizations enhance the ethical sustainability of applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) and associated technologies. The project will contribute to concrete ethical design and assessment frameworks and tools as well as general governance principles, which will support public, private and third-sector actors’ ethical self-regulation and governance.
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