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Miriam Tedeschi

Dr. Miriam Tedeschi is an Academy of Finland PostDoc Researcher at the Faculty of Law and Docent in human geography at the Department of Geography and Geology, University of Turku. She draws on non-representational theories and new materialism, and through these lenses she has been studying spatio-legal phenomena. More info on the UTU website.

Daniela Alaattinoğlu

Dr Daniela Alaattinoğlu is Assistant Professor in law at the University of Turku. Her research and teaching focuses on socio-legal studies, human rights, comparative public law, criminal law and legal writing. In her work, she is particularly interested in how law works as a tool of inclusion and exclusion. More info on the UTU website.

Aleida Luján-Pinelo

Aleida LujánPinelo is a doctoral candidate at the Faculty of Law, University of Turku. Her current research looks into femi(ni)cide in Germany informed by new feminist materialism and epistemologies of the South. She is co-founder of the independent project Feminizidmap, a database on femi(ni)cides in German territory. Her work is inherently cross-disciplinary and explores how theory comes to matter in different settings, such as education and law. More info on the UTU website.

Yulia Dergacheva

I am Yulia Dergacheva, a doctoral researcher in University of Turku and a project researcher for MobileFutures research consortium. My research field is sexual harassment. I am especially interested in bringing new materialist approaches to research of gender-based violence.

Juho Aalto

Juho Aalto,Oikeustieteellinen,TohtorikoulutettavaJuho Aalto is a doctoral researcher in law at the University of Turku. His research and teaching focuses on issues of sexgender and Nordic Feminist Perspectives on law, binary thinking in terms of sexgender in the context of jurisprudence and what kind of insights new materialisms and posthumanism might bring to feminist and queer legal theories. Aalto’s areas of expertise are Human Rights and the ECtHR, Legal Theory, Feminisms, New Materialisms, Agential Realism, Finnish procedural law, and Nordic Feminist Perspectives on Law. Aalto currently focuses on binary thinking in the context of sexgender and its implications in human rights adjudication at the ECtHR. More info on the UTU website.

Amalia Verdu Sanmartin

I am a post-doc fellow in Law at the Turku Institute for Advance Research Studies (TIAS), at the University of Turku. My research and teaching interest is on legal thought and the ways is transmitted through legal education. I explore different modes of thinking that might help to identify exclusionary legal knowledge and practices with a focus on gender, feminist, and queer theories. More info on the UTU website.

Mika Viljanen

Mika Viljanen is Associate Professor of private law at the University of Turku. In 2008, he defended his dissertation on quantifying damages in torts and for breach of contract. Since that he has retained an interest in traditional private law themes, including contract and torts, but migrated towards working primarily on financial regulation and regulatory theory. During the last few years, he has developed an interest in tracing the relationship between law and technology, in particular in autonomous contexts. More info on the UTU website.