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Invitation to participate in the research

With the MobileFutures research project (, I am currently conducting a research on work-related sexual harassment of immigrant women in Finland. Unfortunately, women* with immigrant background are often overlooked in the research on sexual harassment in our academia. However, many may be subjected to it, and with my research I would like to give voice to them. If you wish to participate and anonymously share your thoughts and experience, please contact me directly at The interview will take 1-1.5 hours of your time and can be conducted in person or remotely.

This research is very important because it might influence the actual policies on sexual harassment and on support of international women. So, please do feel free to share this message widely to your networks, or to persons you think might be interested in participating. The interviewees personal data (including the participation in the interview) will be handled anonymously and protected in accordance with GDPR and Finnish ethical research guidelines. We take data protection very seriously here!

*I use the term ‘women’ in a non-exclusive way. If your gender is different than ‘woman’ please feel free to participate as well.