Botswana, Finland, Namibia

Diversify your studies!

Pedagogies of Biodiversity and Environmental Sustainability

Welcome! You have landed on the website of PEBES collaboration.

PEBES is a partnership among the University of Turku (FIN), Humak University of Applied Sciences (FIN) and Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources. It offers students of these universities a dive into transdisciplinarity and additional courses under the theme of biodiversity, education and environmental sustainability.

You can get involved by enrolling to online courses made available by the Partnership (see “Online courses”). You can also apply to be part of a transdisciplinary, transnational student group which will have a one-week mobility in Botswana or Finland (see “Student mobilities”. The travel costs of the mobilities will be covered by the PEBES project.

The PEBES project is funded by Finnish Agency for Education during years 2022-2024.

Photograph: Minna Toivonen.

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