The PEBES project team comprises lecturers and other staff from the four universities. In order to find out the background and tasks of each team member, see the listing below.

If you wish to know more about the project or if you need help with the enrollment, please contact one of the following persons:

Dr Annika Saarto ( – University of Turku (UTU); overall PEBES project management
Dr Joyce Lepetu ( – Botswana University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (BUAN)
Mr Tero Lämsä ( – Humak University of Applied Sciences (Humak)

Staff involved in teaching and supervising

Pasi Nurmi (UTU)

Dr. Pasi Nurmi has a background in Astronomy and he is the head of Science Centre and LUMA-unit at the University of Turku. The unit is involved in diverse science education projects in Finland and acts as a link between UTU and schools. Nurmi is also the UTU contact person for the biodiversity education network of Finnish universities. In PEBES, Nurmi facilitates the Sustainable Seas mobility coordinated by UTU.

Henna Rouhiainen (UTU)

MSc Henna Rouhiainen is a project researcher and PhD student at UTU. Her research focuses on education related to the environment, sustainability and biodiversity. She also has experience on coordinating and conducting science education activities for children at UTU. Rouhiainen is a facilitator at the Sustainable Seas mobility coordinated by UTU.

Annika Saarto (UTU)

Dr. , Adjunct Professor Saarto is a Plant Ecologist with special expertise in topics related to atmospheric biodiversity and flowering phenology. She has also graduated in Community Education. Saarto is one of the supervisors who will guide the international student team in the assignment and mobility managed by UTU. Saarto is the project manager of PEBES.

Timo Vuorisalo (UTU)

Dr, Adjunct Professor Vuorisalo is a Biologist, non-fiction author and University Lecturer. His main research interests lie in urban ecology, the history of nature protection and avian science, and environmental impact of wars. Dr Vuorisalo is the lecturer of the courses “Conservation Biology” and “Environment and Development”.

Joyce Lepetu (BUAN)

Kgomotso Mabusa (BUAN)

Daniso Mokgwathi (BUAN)

Keoikantse Sianga (BUAN)

Laura Keihäs (Humak)

Laura Keihäs is a Senior Lecturer in Community Education and PEBES project manager at Humak. Master of Arts, Art Therapist, Teacher & Community Educatot, Keihäs has worked for international education and development (e.g. with UNICEF) for over 20 years, focusing on intercultural learning, social justice, children’s rights and wellbeing. She was the PEBES project manager at Humak during 2022-2023.

Tero Lämsä (Humak)

Tero Lämsä is the Team Leader and Manager of Humak’s international degree programme in Outdoor and Adventure education, and a Senior Lecturer in Adventure and Outdoor Education & Community Education. He also is the PEBES project manager at Humak beginning from January 2024 and one of the staff members hosting the mobility arranged by Humak. Master of Education & Outdoor Adventure Educator, Lämsä has worked in the fields of youth work, community education and pedagogical development for 20 years.

Miia Riihimäki (Humak)

Miia Riihimäki is Master in Transcultural European Outdoor Studies, Occupational Therapist, and Bachelor in Sports Studies. Riihimäki works as a UAS lecturer in Adventure and Outdoor Education at Humak. In Pebes, Riihimäki is one of the staff members hosting the mobility arranged by Humak.