Fundamental Project Skills -course

The University of Turku organizes a Project Basics course for undergraduate students 26.10.2021 – 30.11.2021.

Project skills bring clarity and logicality to your actions – whether it’s developing your actions, event planning, implementing organizational changes, accomplishing study-related goals or implementing personal change.

Project knowhow is a tool that is easy to utilize. With this tool you can gain control of the need for change, work towards your goal and increase the economic efficiency and effectiveness of your actions.

Programme is for degree students, primarily for Master student, who would like to learn project skills. The contents are very well suited for people who implement projects dealing with change, improvement, research and innovation.

The training is also offered to university employees and is implemented as a mixed group involving both staff and students.

A limited number of participants are admitted to the program. So be sure to justify well in your application why you are interested in the program.

• Project as a tool
• Project planning
• Project implementation and management
• Project monitoring and evaluation

Trainer: Company Owner, Senior Expert Päivi Korhonen


The training is implemented as online live webinars in English:
• ti 26.10. klo 9.00-10.30
• ti 2.11. klo 9.00-10.30
• ti 9.11. klo 9.00-10.30
• ti 16.11. klo 9.00-10.30

The training includes learning text resources and learning assignments. You can find all the materials you need in the online learning environment. The learning community has its own private forum, where participants can continue discussions after and between webinars with the trainer.

Participants will work on a project assignment individually or in groups of 2-3 students in an online environment. There will be online tutoring provided by the trainer to support in the assignment making (2-3 tutoring meetings of 30 minutes per meeting/group).

The course workload consists of webinars, familiarising yourself with the supporting material and the project assignment, which requires approximately two hours of work per week.

Apply by 14.10.2021