Instructions on how to use JobTeaser

JobTeaser is an easy-to-use career portal in which you can sign in with your UTU credentials. The first time you sign in, you need to create a profile. 

Editing your profile 

You can edit your profile information in your profile page. For example, you can add a link to your LinkedIn profile or information about your work experience. In order to login to JobtTeaser after graduation you must add a secondary email address in your profile in account settings section.

You can also make your profile public or select that you’re open to job offers. You will need to upload your CV to JobTeaser in order to select being open to job offers. 

Making your profile public or uploading your CV may be helpful if you are applying for jobs directly in JobTeaser or attending events on JobTeaserBut remember to be active in your job search on other channels as well! 

JobTeaser in a nutshell 

Here are the main sections in the portal: 

  • Companies  

Companies can create their own profiles in JobTeaser. You’ll find information about the company’s core values, activities and events. Follow the ones that interest you the most!  

  • Jobs 

All open vacancies can be found here. Check the search criteria.  

  • Advice 

Here you can find articles about job seeking. Find many articles made by JobTeaser to help you out with finding an internship or a job 

  • Events  

Find career events nearby!  

  • Resources  

Information about what University’s Career Services can do for you and also lots of tips on how to find a job!  

  • Appointments  

You can book a personal career guidance session with a career counsellor.