Take advantage of the internship subsidy!

During an internship related to your studies, you will be able to use your know-how, develop your professional skills and promote the realization of your career plans. An internship is a time when you can network and make important contacts for the future, and possibly even get a job after your internship.

Internship subsidy to all undergraduate students

From 2022, the internship subsidy of the University of Turku is available to all undergraduate students finding a suitable internship position. To apply for the internship subsidy, you need to fill in the internship commitment form after being recruited for the internship position. The subsidy (EUR 1,800) is paid to the employer at the end of your internship. The purpose of the subsidy is to cover part of the wage costs of the internship. The subsidy can be used once during your studies and only for an internship that meets the criteria, mainly

a) the salary for your internship period is min. 1283 e / month (meets Kela’s work requirement)

b) the internship corresponds to your field of study and the goals of your studies

c) the internship lasts 3-6 months

d) the internship takes place in Finland

Please see more specific criteria: Internships in Finland (utu.fi)

Always complete the internship commitment form before the internship, even if you do not use the university internship subsidy. The internship commitment is found on the intranet: Internships in Finland (utu.fi).

For more information, contact the Career Services at rekry@utu.fi or your faculty’s office for academic and student affairs.