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MUST (Murtoo Scientists) consortium and collaborating Swedish researchers have recently identified a subglacial landform that is new to science. This landform, murtoo, has a unique triangular shape and dimensions that are only detectable through LiDAR data now available from most of Finland and Sweden. Murtoos are not predicted by existing theories of subglacial landforms. Research is needed to understand how they form and their significance for glacial dynamics and hydrology. The RewarD project of the MUST consortium aims to add the missing linking element between channelized and distributed drainage systems to the current theory of subglacial meltwater flow and related modelling approaches.

The benefit of MUST consortium arises from different thematic expertise of the consortium parties, which deepen the co-operation between research institute (Geological Survey of Finland) and Academia (University of Turku). As a committed consortium combining complementary expertise and infrastructures, earlier collaboration and international contacts, we are able to provide well-organized, high-quality scientific approach to regenerate investigation into subglacial drainage processes.

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