RewarD project

The RewarD project focuses specifically on the murtoos and the related subglacial meltwater routes in Finland, where the glacial dynamics of the SIS were different from Sweden, and were instead controlled by the fast flowing ice streams important for rapid decay of the ice mass. In collaboration with Swedish colleagues the results will be extended to the SIS-scale.

The importance of the present project is firstly that these types of glacial landforms (murtoos and there lated subglacial drainage routes) have not yet been properly described, determined or named in glaciated terrains of North-America and Eurasia. Secondly, RewarD endeavors to fill in the gap in the current theory of subglacial meltwater flow and related modelling approaches by introducing the missing link between channelized and distributed drainage systems.

The RewarD project has close collaboration with international partners that have wide experiences in Quaternary mapping, glacial sedimentology and dynamics as well as modelling of subglacial drainage.

The RewarD project is funded by Academy of Finland for time period 2019-2023.

Principal investigator (PI) of the consortium: Joni Mäkinen, University of Turku (UTU)
Consortium subproject PI: Antti Ojala, University of  Turku (UTU)