Privacy notice

Privacy Notice Concerning Research Data                                                                  26.2.2019


1. Name of the registerUniversity of Turku, FI-20014 Turku
2. Consortium project(Not a consortium project)
3. Principal InvestigatorPh.D. Johanna Hautala
4. Contact of the data protection officerCamilla Engman


Telephone: +358 29 450 4361

5. Contact information for matters regarding the use of the registerPh.D. Johanna Hautala (


6. Name of the research registerSMAK
7. Purpose and legal basis for the processing of personal dataThe personal data collected from the persons who answer the surveys and are present in the situations of observation may include, for instance, age and gender. The collected data may vary between different surveys and situations of observation. The collected background information is used in the analysis of data and when reporting the findings.

The data is collected between 2018−2023 for the project ’Second Machine Age Knowledge Co-Creation Processes’ funded by the Academy of Finland (project number 319872).


The legal basis for the processing of personal data is the General Data Protection Law of the European Union (article 6 or 9). General Data Protection, article 6/1

General data protection, article 6/1 

( ) accepted by the participant 

( ) following of the registrar’s legal obligation 


( ) use of the government which belongs to the task concerning a general interest/the registrar 

(x) scientific or historical study or statistics 

( ) filing of research data 

( ) carrying out of the justified interests of the registrar or of the third party 

 for which justified benefit is this: 

European General Data Protection Regulation (article 9) 

( ) a consent of the registered 

( ) filing purpose which is in accordance with a general interest, scientific or historical study statistics 

8. Which personal data does the research data includeMay include, for instance, age and gender, or other background information that is relevant for the analysis of the research data.
9. From which sources are the data collected For surveys: the participants give data through the survey questions.

For observation: the researcher is openly present in the situation as a researcher and takes notes of the situations.

10. Transferring data outside the research groupFor surveys: the surveys are collected through the Webropol Oy (Webropol is the system supplier for the University’s Query and Event Management System).

The SMAK includes collaboration between the PI and other researchers globally. However, the SMAK PI and research group members are responsible for handling and storing the data.

The descriptions of the SMAK research data will be included in the ETSIN Open Database ( This allows researchers are working with similar topics to identify the databases and contact the PI to discuss further collaboration. Moreover, the University of Turku is a registrar of the research data, which means that all data is described in the Data Repository of the University of Turku.

11. Transferring data outside the EU or European economic regionThe SMAK includes collaboration between the PI and other researchers globally. However, the SMAK PI and research group members are responsible for handling and storing the data.
12. Automated decisionThe data is analyzed, for instance, via grouping related answers. Computer software is applied in the analysis, but the interpretation of the data is carefully and critically justified by the researchers.
13. Protection of personal dataThe register data is stored into an intranet file of the University of Turku, and protected by the University of Turku according to the best practices, good information security, and legislative regulations so that it is protected from external parties. The register is protected with user identification and passwords as well as structural and group-specific authorization. The personal data registers can be accessed only by members of the SMAK who require the use of personal data for performing their work tasks. The system can be accessed only through a protected network connection, user id and password.

An agreement on the terms regarding the processing of personal data, which is in accordance with the EU Data Protection Regulation, has been made with the system supplier (Webropol Oy).

14. Handling of personal data after the research has endedAnonymized data will be filed according to the principals of good scientific practice (e.g., repeatability, validity, revision).
15. Rights and their possible limitations of the data subjectThe data subject has the right to cancel the given consent if the data handling is based on the consent of the person.

Registered person has the right to file in a complaint about the controlling authority, if the data subject considers that the handling of his/her personal data has broken the General Data Protection Regulation.

The contact person in matters regarding the rights and obligations of the data subject is the Data Protection Officer, whose contact information is listed at the beginning of the privacy notice.