Observation and interview study: child, educator and pedagogy

The primary aim of the observation and interview study is to identify early childhood educators abilities to recognize delays, difficulties and strengths in social and emotional development of the children and to observe educators skills to support SE development in case of problems. We are interested in childrenĀ“s activities, pedagogy and interaction in daycare groups. Our special focus is to examine SE delays and difficulties in the context of everyday life in the daycare groups: What kind of problems can be observed and how these are handled?

The study is based on the ethnographic research tradition, in which the essentiality of making observations in authentic settings is highlighted.
Our research group prioritize both the ethicality of all research practices and the privacy of the study targets.

Altogether eight daycare groups from Southern Finland take part in the observation study. The data will be collected between October 2019 and January 2020.