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Info & Registration

The CEN symposium is taking place in Zoom on August 23-24, 2021. Due to the coronavirus situation, we have decided to organize the conference online.

Participation is free. You may participate in the whole symposium or only in some sessions.



Please register for the symposium beforehand. The registration is open until August 19, 2021.

The Zoom link to the symposium will be sent by e-mail to the registered participants on August 20, 2021. If you do not receive the link, please contact the organizers by emailing lotta.h.luhtala@utu.fi.

Registration HERE.



The symposium is organized in Zoom. The zoom link to the registered participants will be sent on August 20.

When entering the Zoom, remember to click “Join with Computer Audio” (on a computer) “Call Using Internet Audio” (on a mobile device) to connect to the audio.

While listening to the presentations, we kindly ask you to keep your microphone on mute and your video switched off. After presentations, you may use the “Raise hand” function in order to ask a question or you may write your question or comment on the chat.

Please find more information on Zoom on the website of the University of Turku HERE.



We invite you to join our Breakout Rooms during the lunch breaks and coffee breaks. The Breakout Rooms serve as friendly online coffee or lunch get-together areas, or “cafeteria tables”. These virtual spaces are meant to serve as a platform for relaxed, small-group discussions about the presentation and related research topics in a less formal space.

These coffee and lunch tables are found in the Breakout Rooms of the conference’s main Zoom session. During the breaks, just click the “Breakout Rooms” icon on the control bar and join a selected room (Lunch/Coffee table 1–3).

The lunch will take place between 12.30–13.30 (Mon) and 12.45–13.45 (Tue). We will use the first 15 minutes to prepare out meals of choice, after which we will gather around the virtual tables of the “Lunch” Breakout Room for the remaining 45 minutes to enjoy lunch and discuss with other conference participants.

On coffee breaks (11.15–11.30 and 14.30–14.45 on Monday, and 11.30–11.45 and 14.45–15.00 on Tuesday) freely choose one of the virtual coffee tables and click to enter. During the coffee breaks we use several Breakout Rooms, and we encourage to keep the groups on a smaller side, in order to make the discussion more fluent, and allowing everyone a possibility of participating in meaningful conversations.

Warm welcome to our virtual cafeteria tables!



If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the conference organizers by emailing lotta.h.luhtala@utu.fi.