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Program is in local summer time in Finland (EEST, during summer time UTC +3, GMT +3).



10.00–10.10 Opening of the Symposium (Markku Lehtimäki & Arja Rosenholm)

10.15–11.15 Session 1: Mapping the Historical Arctic
Chair: Markku Lehtimäki

1. Elina Arminen: Fishing and Cartographic Imagination of Finnish Lapland in Kaarlo Hänninen’s Youth Novels
2. Jopi Nyman: Mapping the North with Reindeer in 1930s British Travel Writing

11.30–12.30 Session 2: Arctic Waters in Literature: Real and Imaginary
Chair: Arja Rosenholm

1. Heidi Hansson & Maria Lindgren Leavenworth: Speculative Water: Atopias in Julie Bertagna’s Exodus Trilogy
2. Markku Lehtimäki: Poetry of Alaska: Imagining and Experiencing Arctic Waters

12.30–13.30 Lunch Break

13.30–14.30 Session 3: Waterfronts as Liminal Spaces
Chair: Eeva Kuikka

1. Lieven Ameel: Redemptive Scripts in Planning and Fiction of the New York Waterfront
2. Monica Tennberg: Water Governmentality and Resistance in an Arctic City
3. Elena Trubina: The Ekaterinburg Waterfront: “Millionaires Quartier”, Norman Foster Building and New Meanings of a River Promenade

14.45–16.30 Session 4: Films of the Arctic
Chair: Elena Trubina

1. Tatu Laukkanen & Arja Rosenholm: The Beach as a Chronotope in Soviet/Russian Films: The Most Beautiful Ships (1972) and Kitoboy (2020)
2. Johannes Riquet: The Philippines in Greenland: New Arctic Migration Stories on Film
3. Jane Costlow: Projections: Maps, Myths and Sannikov Land



10.00–11.30 Session 5: Icegraphy: Narrating Experiences of Ice at the Baltic Sea
Chair: Nina Tynkkynen

1. Jaana Kouri: Producing Environmental Ethnography: Narrated Human–Ice Interaction in the Archipelago of Turku
2. Kirsi Sonck-Rautio: The Agency of Ice in the in Small-scale Fisheries of the Archipelago
3. Silja Laine: Cultural Histories of Vernacular Writing, Winter and Ice at the Archipelago
4. Tuomas Räsänen: Witnessing the Climate Change with the Baltic Seals

11.45–12.45 Session 6: Theoretical Perspectives on More-than-Human North
Chair: Johannes Riquet

1. Lotta Luhtala: Vegan Studies and Critical Animal Studies as an Intersectional Prism: Non- human Others in Narrative Fiction
2. Eeva Kuikka: Transcending the Human/Non-human Binary through Posthumanist Reading of Indigenous Literature from the Russian Arctic
3. Jenni Ylönen & Anna-Tina Jedele: Mediating Arctic Salmon Geography

12.45–13.45 Lunch Break

13.45–14.45 Session 7: Watery World: Practices and Representations
Chair: Toni Lahtinen

1. Anna Stammler-Gossmann: River and People: Means and Meanings of the Place Continuity
2. Michael Rießler: Documenting Representations of “Watery Worlds” in the Indigenous Arctic

15.00–16.00 Session 8: Changing Environment and Reading
Chair: Lotta Luhtala

1. Toni Lahtinen: Climate Changing Fiction?
2. Panu Pihkala: Reading Ecological Emotions
3. Eevastiina Kinnunen: Reading Groups Creating Narrative Agency and Hope

16.15–16.45 Closing Discussion