What is DYNAMO?

Dynamic Museum and Heritage Futures Workshop as instruments for ecological reconstruction DYNAMO (1.8.2020–31.5.2022) is funded by Sitra as part of its Bildung+ project. Part of the DYNAMO project funding comes from the Finnish Heritage Agency (Ratkaisuriihi-funding).

DYNAMO is part of a global continuum of the evolving nature and function of museums. This development includes a push in the work of intangible cultural heritage and living heritage, and speeds cultural sustainability transformation. In essence it is about doing a new kind of “bildung” or sivistys in Finnish, as suggested by Sitra. Such heritage futures thinking stems from the need for academic development of cultural sustainability (see e.g. Siivonen 2018) and the idea of dynamic museums (see Koski, Karhunkorva & Paaskoski 2020).

Dynamic museums use intangible cultural heritage (living heritage) tools and participatory futures workshops that have not been integrated before. DYNAMO incorporates these into heritage futures workshops, that are developed as a service for dynamic museums. Through them, they are used to initiate cultural change within the specific sectors of each of the partner museums. In the first phase, we work with forests, but later on in other contexts and themes too (see partners).