Cognitive fluency in Finnish as a target language (CogniFin)

The project focuses on the links between cognitive fluency and spoken language. The aim is to investigate how fluency in the background speech processes of English-speaking learners of Finnish as a second language affects speech (dis)fluency. Learners will be tested on both vocabulary processing efficiency and general speech fluency. In addition, native-language control material will be collected from the participants, which will enable the examination of differences in language skills and language use at a more individual level. The study will build on the results of the cognitive work package of the FDF2 project, by comparing the fluency results between Finnish and English learners. This comparison between unrelated target languages will offer interesting insight into how processing is influenced by the type of language.

Researcher: Sanna Olkkonen, PhD
Funded by Turku University Foundation (September 2023 – May 2024)