About the institute

The Kevo research station lies near the edge of the forest line in Utsjoki, by lake Kevojärvi next to Kevo Strict Nature Reserve (69°45’N, 27°01’E). The Kevo Subarctic Research Institute was founded in 1956. Our station is the northernmost university research station in the European Union.

We offer support and services for research and education throughout the year. Seminars and meetings are also held at Kevo. The station has laboratory, lecture hall and workshop facilities and offers catering and accommodation for about 40 people. We introduce the station to visiting groups by appointment.

The area has pine forest, mountain birch forest, tundra, swamps, rivers and lakes. The Arctic Ocean is about an hour’s drive away.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has two weather stations (data available since 1962), a magnetometer station and an all-sky camera for auroral monitoring at Kevo. The institute of Seismology (University of Helsinki) has had a seismographic station at Kevo since 1964. Several other universities and research institutes also have their research sites, equipment or monitoring points at Kevo.