Please see our news about the upcoming changes to our services.

We offer support and services for research and education throughout the year.

Our staff assists with field and laboratory work by agreement. Transportation services are also available.

We introduce the station to visiting groups by appointment.

You can book accommodation by sending email to For other services, please contact

More information about accommodation and instructions for visitors.

Research services

You can get information about the local conditions and facilities at the station from our staff already when planning your stay. Our staff assists with field and laboratory work and we also offer sampling and maintenance services. Please contact us ( in advance to confirm the availability of the services and facilities when you need them.

Laboratory, workshop and office room is available to researchers and course groups. We have good network connections and access to wireless network in all the buildings. In the laboratory building, computers and library are available to visitors. Printing, scanning and copying fees are included in the bench fee for researchers and course groups.

More information for researchers.


We offer transportation for researchers and course groups by car, snowmobile, all-terrain vehicle and motor boat. Please book transportation ( well in advance.

The station car is meant predominantly for use by staff, but can also be rented for visitors. Please book the car from the office.

Rowing boats and bicycles can be used freely by those staying at Kevo. Motor boats can be used by agreement. Please bear in mind the borders of Kevo Strict Nature Reserve also when you go boating. In order to move in the Nature Reserve (outside the marked trails) you need a research permission from Metsähallitus, Parks & Wildlife Finland.

Network connections

You can access wireless networks in all the buildings at the station. There are three networks; UTU Visitor, Eduroam, and UTU Staff. There is also wired connection available in the main building Kestilä and in the laboratory building.

UTU Visitor is the wireless network for visitors. You can log in through a portal webpage. Eduroam is an international roaming service for higher education institutions and visiting researchers. The University of Turku is a member of the service. Eduroam offers a free, secure, and easy to use connection to the internet.

UTU Staff is the wireless network for personnel. It offers a fast and secure user experience. UTU Staff works like a wired connection, allowing you to access the internet, printers, home folders, and network drives.

More information and instructions.

In the laboratory building, computers and printers are also available to researchers and course participants. Copier and scanner are available in the main building during office hours.

Mobile phone networks function well at the station, but during fieldwork you have to allow for the possibility of blind spots.

Presentation of the station

Presentation of the station and its research can be arranged for groups in the lecture hall (30 min, max 40 persons). In addition to this, group tours to the station area and research sites are available (1,5 hours).

Please contact us ( well in advance to book a presentation for your group. During the summer season (June-September) presentations are available also outside office hours, but in wintertime presentations are available only to a limited extent.


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