Kevo Notes

Kevo Notes 11-

Kevo Notes 14 (2013)
KOTIRANTA, H. & SHIRYAEV, A.: Notes on Aphyllophoroid fungi (Basidiomycota) in Kevo, collected in 2009, 1-22. (Notes 14 pdf)

Kevo Notes 13 (2009)
NEVALAINEN, L.: Autumnal chydorid fauna (Anomopoda, Chydoridae) in Kevo region, northern Finnish Lapland, 4-20. (Notes 13 pdf)

Kevo Notes 12 (2002)
MÄKINEN, Y.: Floristic observations in western Kola Peninsula, NW Russia, 1-33.

Kevo Notes 11 (1996)
OHENOJA, E.: A check-list of the larger fungi in Inari Lapland (NE Finland) and in Finnmark (NE Norway), 1-44.

Kevo Notes 1-10 (1975-1995)

Kevo Notes 10 (1995)
BLOMQVIST, I.: Ympäristön yhdennetyn seurannan planktontutkimukset Vuoskojärvellä vuonna 1994, 1-25 + I-IX.

Kevo Notes 9 (1990)
HEIKKINEN, R. K. & KALLIOLA, R. J.: The vascular plants of the Kevo Nature Reserve (Finland); an ecological-environmental approach, 1-56.

Kevo Notes 8 (1989)
HEIKKINEN, R. K. & KALLIOLA, R. J.: Vegetation types and map of the Kevo nature reserve, northernmost Finland, 1-39.

Kevo Notes 1 (3rd ed., 1988)
ISO-IIVARI, L.: Vertebrates of Inari Lapland, 1-12.

Kevo Notes 7 (1984)
Invertebrates of Inari Lapland, Finland, 1-120.

Kevo Notes 6 (1982)
KOPONEN, S., LAASONEN, E. M. & LINNALUOTO, E. T.: Lepidoptera of Inari Lapland, Finland, 1-36.

Kevo Notes 5 (1980)
LINNALUOTO, E. T. & KOPONEN, S.: Lepidoptera of Utsjoki, northernmost Finland, 1-68.

Kevo Notes 1 (2nd ed., 1979)
ISO-IIVARI, L.: Vertebrates of Inari Lapland, 1-14.

Kevo Notes 4 (1979)
MÄKINEN, Y. & KALLIO, P.: The vascular plants of Inari Lapland, Finland, 1-47.

Kevo Notes 3 (2nd ed., 1977)
Turun yliopiston Lapin tutkimuslaitos Kevon esittely ja tutkimusohjelmat, 1-64.

Kevo Notes 3 (1976)
Turun yliopiston Lapin tutkimuslaitos Kevon esittely ja tutkimusohjelmat, 1-64.

Kevo Notes 2 (1975)
DOROGOSTAISKAYA, E. V.: Weeds of the Far North of the U.S.S.R., 1-36.

Kevo Notes 1 (1975)
ISO-IIVARI, L.: Vertebrates of Inari Lapland, 1-19.

Reports from the Kevo Subarctic Research Institute

Reports 23-25 (2005-2019)

Vol. 25 (2019)
MÄKINEN, Y., PIIRAINEN, M., LAINE, U., NURMI, J., HEINO, S. & ISO-IIVARI L. & : Vascular flora of Inari Lapland. 8. Geraniaceae-Primulaceae, 3-164. [Reports 25 pdf]

Vol. 24 (2011)
MÄKINEN, Y., LAINE, U., HEINO, S., ISO-IIVARI L. & NURMI, J.: Vascular flora of Inari Lapland. 8. Rosaceae and Fabaceae, 3-126.
HELAMA, S.: Climate and Scots pine tree-rings in Utsjoki-Kevo district (North-East Finnish Lapland) during the 20th century, with special emphasis on mid-summer connexions, 129-138. [Reports 24 pdf]

Vol. 23 (2005)
MÄKINEN, Y., LAINE, U., HEINO, S. & NURMI, J.: Vascular flora of Inari Lapland. 7. Brassicaceae – Grossulariaceae, 1-95.
HOLTMEIER, F-K.: Change in the timberline ecotone in northern Finnish Lapland during the last thirty years, 97-113.

Reports 19-22 (1984-1998)

Vol. 22 (1998)
LIIRA, T. & HIETARANTA, J.: On the postglacial development of the bedrock precipices and talus formations in the Keävvu river valley, northern Finnish Lapland, 1-10.
BOGACHEVA, I.: Ecological and ontogenetic heterogeneity of leaves and its role in insect-plant relationships, 11-17.
LUNDVALL, P., NEUVONEN, S. & HALONEN, M.: Interspecific differences in the susceptibility of adult leaf beetles (Col., Chrysomelidae) to predation by Willow warblers (Phylloscopus trochilus), 19-24.
MÄKINEN, Y., KALLIO, P., LAINE, U. & NURMI, J.: Vascular flora of Inari Lapland. 6. Nymphaeaceae – Papaveraceae, 25-86.

Vol. 21 (1990)
NENONEN, S-P. & MANSIKKANIEMI, H.: Observations on the spread of vegetation to road cuttings in the far north of Finland, 1-9.
MANSIKKANIEMI, H. & LAITINEN, T.: Pattern of local wind changes in a fell region, northern Finland, 11-20.
MATSUKI, M. & MACLEAN, S. F. Jr.: The effect of temperature on the molt of Dineura virididorsata (Hymenoptera, Tenthredinidae), 21-25.
MOLSKI, B. & DMUCHOWSKI, W.: The comparison of environmental pollution in northern Finland near Kevo and in Poland with the use of Pinus sylvestris L. as bioindicator, 27-30.
KORTELAINEN, I.: Gammarus lacustris – herbivore or predator?, 31-34

Vol. 20 (1987)
SVEINBJÖRNSSON, B.: Biomass proportioning as related to plant size in juvenile mountain birch near Abisko, Swedish Lapland, 1-8.
ENGELSKJØN, T. & SKIFTE, O.: Distribution and ecology of Trichophorum pumilum (Vahl) Sch. & Th. (Cyperaceae) in Norway, 9-19.
HÖMMÖ, L. & VALANNE, T.: Cytological and morphological analyses of grafted triploid aspens (Populus tremula L.) from the Nonabeljävri area in Finnish Lapland, 21-25.
SULKINOJA, M. & VALANNE, T.: Leafing and bud size in Betula provenances of different latitudes and altitudes, 27-33.
LEHTONEN, J.: Recovery and development of birch forests damaged by Epirrita autumnata in Utsjoki area, North Finland, 35-39.
OJALA, A., HINNERI, S. & YLIAHO, H.: Mineral element content of Angelica archangelica subsp. archangelica, 41-45.

Vol. 19 (1984)
VALANNE, N. & VALANNE, T.: The development of the photosynthetic apparatus during bud burst and leaf opening in two subspecies of Betula pubescens Ehrh., 1-10.
KULLMAN, L.: Germinability of mountain birch (Betula pubescens ssp. tortuosa) along two altitudinal transects downslope from the tree-limit, in Sweden, 11-18.
KOPONEN, S.: Abundance of herbivorous insects on dwarf birch near the treeline in Alaska, 19-24.
HOOGESTEGER, M.: The effect of trampling on vegetation at four cottages in Torne Lapland, northern Sweden, 25-34.
HELLE, T.: Foraging behaviour of the semi-domestic reindeer (Rangifer tarandus L.) in relation to snow in Finnish Lapland, 35-47.
HELLE, T. & TARVAINEN, L.: Determination of the winter digging period of semi-domestic reindeer in relation to snow conditions and food resources, 49-56.
HELLE, T. & ASPI, J.: Do sandy patches help reindeer against insects?, 57-62.
HIPPA, H. & KOPONEN, S.: Parasitism of larvae of Galerucini (Col., Chrysomelidae) by larvae of Asecodes mento (Hym., Eulophidae), 63-65.
HIPPA, H., KOPONEN, S. & ROINE, R.: Larval growth of Coccinella hieroglyphica (Col., Coccinellidae) fed on aphids and preimaginal stages of Galerucella sagittariae (Col., Chrysomelidae), 67-70.
KÄRPPÄ, J., KALLIO, H., PELTONEN, I. & LINKO, R.: Anthocyanins in the northern and southern crowberry, Empetrum nigrum coll., 71-73.
KALLIO, H., NIKKOLA, P. & REUNANEN, M.: Sugar composition of the juice of crowberry, Empetrum hermaphroditum, 74-76.
SALEMAA, H.: Chromosomes of the freshwater amphipod Gammarus lacustris G. O. Sars, 77-80.

Reports 16-18 (1980-1982)

Vol. 18 (1982)
HIPPA, H., KOPONEN, S. & ROINE, R.: Feeding preference of Coccinella hieroglyphica (Col., Coccinellidae) for eggs of three chrysomelid beetles, 1-4.
PRUDHOMME, T. I.: The effect of defoliation history on photosynthetic rates in mountain birch, 5-9.
MÄKINEN, Y., KALLIO, P., LAINE, U. & NURMI, J.: Vascular flora of Inari Lapland. 5. Urticaceae – Caryophyllaceae, 10-94.

Vol. 17 (1981)
AURELA, A. & PUNKKINEN, R.: Atmospheric nitrogen dioxide and northern plants, 1- 6.
OKSANEN, L. & OKSANEN, T.: Lemmings (Lemmus lemmus) and grey-sided voles (Clethrionomys rufocanus) in interaction with their resources and predators on Finnmarksvidda, northern Norway, 7-31.
NOORDELOOS, M. E.: Notes on Entoloma (Basidiomycetes, Agaricales) in Inari Lapland, northernmost Finland, 32-40.
SOLHØY, T. & KOPONEN, S.: Oribatei fauna (Acari) on alpine heath at Kevo, Finland, 41-43.
HIPPA, H., KOPONEN, S. & OSMONEN, O.: Flower visitors to the cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L.) in northern Fennoscandia, 44-54.
HIPPA, H., KOPONEN, S. & OSMONEN, O.: Diurnal activity of flower visitors to the cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L.), 55-57.
HIPPA, H., KOPONEN, S. & OSMONEN, O.: Pollen transport and pollinating efficiency of flower visitors to the cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L.) in northern Fennoscandia, 58-66.
PIHAKASKI, K.: Seasonal changes in structure of mesophyll cells in subarctic Diapensia lapponica L., 67-80.
SOLD??N, T.: The mayflies (Ephemeroptera) of Utsjoki, northernmost Finland, 81-85.

Vol. 16 (1980)
HELLE, T.: Abundance of warble fly (Oedemagena tarandi) larvae in semi-domestic reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) in Finland, 1-6.
KOPONEN, S.: Herbivorous insects of the birch in Iceland, 7-12.
KOPONEN, S.: Spider fauna in the Adventfjorden area, Spitsbergen, 13-16.
KALLIO, H., LAINE, M. & HUOPALAHTI, R.: Aroma of the berries of the hybrid Rubus stellatus Sm. x R. arcticus L., 17-22.
NIEMINEN, M., TIMISJÄRVI, J. & LAITINEN, M.: The effects of antiparasitic treatment on the condition of semi-domestic reindeer (Rangifer tarandus), 23-26.
NIEMELÄ, P.: Dependence of Oporinia autumnata (Lep., Geometridae) outbreaks on summer temperature, 27-30.
SULKINOJA, M. & VALANNE, T.: Polyembryony and abnormal germination in Betula pubescens subsp. tortuosa, 31-37.
INKI, M. & VÄISÄNEN, L.: Essential oils in Betula tortuosa Ledeb. and in some other Betula species and hybrids, 38-44.
NIEMELÄ, P., ISO-IIVARI, L., LAINE, C. & LAINE, K. J.: Food plant preference and larval growth of larval colour forms of Entephria caesiata (Schiff.) (Lep., Geometridae), 45-48.
NIEMELÄ, P., TUOMI, J. & HAUKIOJA, E.: Age-specific resistance in trees: Defoliation of tamaracks (Larix laricina) by larch bud moth (Zeiraphera improbana) (Lep., Tortricidae), 49-57.

Reports 13-15 (1976-1979)

Vol. 15 (1979)
FORSÉN, K.: Aroma constituents of Angelica archangelica. Variations in the composition of the essential root oil of strains of var. norvegica and var. sativa, 1-7.
HIPPA, H. & KOPONEN, S.: Experiments on biological control of leaf beetles (Col., Chrysomelidae) on the cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L.), 8-10.
INKI, M. & VALANNE, T.: The F1 hybrid between Betula glandulosa, subsection Nanae and Betula pendula, subsection Albae, 11-18.
KOPONEN, S. & LINNALUOTO, E. T.: Flight periods and abundance of some moths caught by light traps in subarctic Finnish Lapland, 1972-78, 19-26.
LEHTONEN, J. & YLI-REKOLA, M.: Field and ground layer vegetation in birch forests after Oporinia damage, 27-32.
NIEMELÄ, P.: Topographical delimitation of Oporinia-damages: Experimental evidence of the effect of winter temperature, 33-36.
NIEMELÄ, P., ARO, E-M. & HAUKIOJA, E.: Birch leaves as a resource for herbivores. Damage-induced increase in leaf phenols with trypsin-inhibiting effects, 37-40.
REID, D. A.: Some fungi from Spitsbergen, 41-47.
WORKMAN, C.: Life cycles, growth rates and reproductive effort in lycosid and other spiders, 48-55.

Vol. 14 (1978)
HAUKIOJA, E. & SALOVAARA, R.: Summer weight of reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) calves and its importance for their future survival, 1-4.
HAUKIOJA, E., NIEMELÄ, P., ISO-IIVARI, L., OJALA, H. & ARO, E-M.: Birch leaves as a resource for herbivores. I. Variation in the suitability of leaves, 5-12.
KOPONEN, S.: Notes on herbivorous insects of the birch in southern Greenland, 13-17.
HIPPA, H., KOPONEN, S. & LAINE, T.: On the feeding biology of Coccinella hieroglyphica L. (Col., Coccinellidae), 18-20.
HAUKIOJA, E., NIEMELÄ, P. & ISO-IIVARI, L.: Birch leaves as a resource for herbivores. II. Diurnal variation in the usability of leaves for Oporinia autumnata and Dineura virididorsata, 21-24.
KARUNEN, P., HEINONEN, S. & LYLY, O.: Persistence of mecoprop in northern and southwestern Finland, 25-30.
HIPPA, H., KOPONEN, S. & OSMONEN, O.: Role of bees (Hym., Apidae) in pollination of the cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L.) in northern Fennoscandia, 31-37.
KALLIO, P. & MÄKINEN, Y.: Vascular flora of Inari Lapland. 4. Betulaceae, 38-63.
OKSANEN, L.: Lichen grounds of Finnmarksvidda, northern Norway, in relation to summer and winter grazing by reindeer, 64-71.
VALANNE, T.: Soft-wood rooting experiments with Betula, 72-75.

Vol. 13 (1976)
SEPPÄLÄ, M.: Periglacial character of the climate of the Kevo region (Finnish Lapland) on the basis of meteorological observations 1962-71, 1-11.
ALEXANDER, V. & KALLIO, S.: Nitrogenase activity in Peltigera aphthosa and Stereocaulon paschale in early spring, 12-15.
KALLIO, S., KALLIO, P. & RASKU, M-L.: Ecology of nitrogen fixation in Peltigera aphthosa (L.) Willd. in North Finland, 16-22.
FONG, D. W. & BAL, A. K.: Histological differences between chilled and nonchilled seeds in Rubus chamaemorus L., 23-25.
HAUKIOJA, E. & ISO-IIVARI, L.: Local and annual variation in secondary production by Dineura virididorsata (Hym., Tenthredinidae), 26-32.
ISO-IIVARI, L. & KOPONEN, S.: Insect catches by light trap compared with geomagnetic and weather factors in subarctic Lapland, 33-35.
HIPPA, H., KOPONEN, S. & NEUVONEN, S.: Population dynamics of the form of Galerucella nymphaeae-complex (Col., Chrysomelidae) living on cloudberry in northern Finland, 36-39.
HIPPA, H. & KOPONEN, S.: Distribution of the species of Galerucella (Col., Chrysomelidae) on cloudberry in Fennoscandia, 40-43.
HAUKIOJA, E. & NIEMELÄ, P.: Does birch defend itself actively against herbivores?, 44-47.
KOPONEN, S.: Spider fauna (Araneae) of Kevo area, northernmost Finland, 48-62.
KARUNEN, P. & KALLIO, P.: Seasonal variation in the total lipid content of subarctic Dicranum elongatum, 63-70.

Reports 11-12 (1974-1975)

Vol. 12 (1975)
HAUKIOJA, E. & HAKALA, T.: Herbivore cycles and periodic outbreaks. Formulation of a general hypothesis, 1-9.
HINNERI, S.: On the water chemistry of the Utsjoki River System, and its significance for the evaluation of edaphic conditions in the drainage area, 10-24.
KALLIO, P.: Leccinum scabrum (Fries) S. F. Gray subsp. tundrae Kallio, a new subspecies from Lapland, 25-27.
KALLIO, P. & KALLIO, S.: Nitrogen fixation by free-living micro-organisms in the Kevo district, 28-33.
KARCZEWSKI, A.: Morphology and textural-structural features of ground and hummocky moraine in the Paistunturit area, Finnish Lapland, 34-44.
KOPONEN, S. & OJALA, M-L.: Quantitative study of invertebrate groups in the soil and ground layer of the IBP sites at Kevo, northern Finland, 45-52.
DOROGOSTAISKAYA, E. V.: Weeds of the Far North of the U.S.S.R., 53.
HIPPA, H. & KOPONEN, S.: On the damage caused by the species of Galerucella (Col., Chrysomelidae) on cloudberry (Rubus chamaemorus L.) in Finland and northern Norway. 54-59.
KALLIO, H.: Chemical constituents of the volatile aroma compounds in Rubus arcticus L. subsp. stellatus (Sm.) Boivin, with reference to Rubus arcticus L. subsp. arcticus, 60-65.
KALLIO, P. & MÄKINEN, Y.: Vascular flora of Inari Lapland. 3. Salicaceae, 66-105.

Vol. 11 (1974)
ALEXANDER, V., BILLINGTON, M. & SCHELL, D.: The influence of abiotic factors on nitrogen fixation rates in the Barrow, Alaska, arctic tundra, 3-11.
BARR, M. E.: The Cucurbitaria sorbi Karsten complex, 12-15.
HAUKIOJA, E.: Measuring consumption in Eriocrania (Eriocraniidae, Lep.) miners with reference to interaction between the leaf and the miner, 16-21.
HAUKIOJA, E. & HEINO, J.: Birch consumption by reindeer (Rangifer tarandus) in Finnish Lapland, 22-25.
HINNERI, S.: Podzolic processes and bioelement pools in subarctic forest soils at the Kevo Station, Finnish Lapland, 26-34.
HUSTICH, I.: Common species in the northern part of the Boreal Region of Canada. An essay, 35-41.
KALLIO, S. & VARHEENMAA, T.: On the effect of air pollution on nitrogen fixation in lichens, 42-46.
KJELVIK, S. & WIELGOLASKI, F. E.: Biomass, nutrient content and energy of some dwarf shrubs in a Norwegian subalpine birch forest, 47-51.
KOPONEN, S.: On the occurrence and ecology of Eriocrania spp. (Eriocraniidae) and other mining insects of the birch in northernmost Fennoscandia in 1973, 52-64.
KOPONEN, S. & OJALA, H.: On the mesofauna of the field layer of three subarctic habitats, 65-71.
LÄHDE, E.: Rate of decomposition of cellulose in forest soils in various parts of the Nordic countries, 72-78.
LAINE, U., LEHMUSHOVI, A. & NURMI, J.: Chromosome numbers of phanerogams in Inari Lapland and adjacent regions, 79-89.
MÄKINEN, Y. & OIKARINEN, H.: Cultivation of cloudberry in Fennoscandia, 90-102.
MANSIKKANIEMI, H.: Some methods of measuring fluvial transportation load, alluvial fan of Jomppala in Utsjoki, Finland, 103-111.
VAARAMA, A. & LAINE, U.: The southern element in the moss flora of Utsjoki, Inari Lapland, North Finland, 112-125.

Reports 9-10 (1972-1973)

Vol. 10 (1973)
BUNNELL, F. L., KÄRENLAMPI, L. & RUSSELL, D. E.: A simulation model of lichen-Rangifer interactions in Northern Finland, 1-8.
HAUKIOJA, E.: Weight development, consumption and egestion of Dineura virididorsata (Hym., Tenthredinidae) larvae, 9-13.
KOPONEN, S.: On the mining insects of the mountain birch in northernmost Fennoscandia, 14-19.
KOPONEN, S.: Herbivorous invertebrates of the mountain birch at Kevo, Finnish Lapland, 20-28.
HAUKIOJA, E., KOPONEN, S. & OJALA, H.: Local differences in birch consumption by invertebrates in northern Norway and Finland, 29-33.
KALLIO, S.: The ecology of nitrogen fixation in Stereocaulon paschale, 34-42.
KALLIO, P. & HEINONEN, S.: Ecology of Rhacomitrium lanuginosum (Hedw.) Brid., 43-54.
KALLIO, P. & LEHTONEN, J.: Birch forest damage caused by Oporinia autumnata (Bkh.) in 1965-66 in Utsjoki, N Finland, 55-69.
VAARAMA, A. & VALANNE, T.: On the taxonomy, biology and origin of Betula tortuosa Ledeb., 70-84.

Vol. 9 (1972)
SEPPÄLÄ, M.: Peat at the top of Ruohttir fell, Finnish Lapland, 1-6.
KALLIO, P., SUHONEN, S. & KALLIO, H.: The ecology of nitrogen fixation in Nephroma arcticum and Solorina crocea, 7-14.
MANSIKKANIEMI, H.: Flood deposits, transport distances and roundness of loose material in the Tana river valley, Lapland, 15-23.
WIELGOLASKI, F. E. & KJELVIK, S.: The methodology of net primary production investigations in Norwegian IBP tundra studies, 24-27.
LEMMETYINEN, R.: Nest defense behaviour in the arctic tern Sterna paradisaea towards stuffed nest predators on Spitsbergen, 28-31.
KOPONEN, S.: On the spiders of the ground layer of a pine forest in Finnish Lapland, with notes on their diurnal activity, 32-34.
STRID, Å.: Aspects on the Daedaleopsis Schroet. complex (Polyporaceae) in Fennoscandia and Denmark, 35-43.
VOIPIO, P.: Problems of cold adaptation in the Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris, 44-49.
KÄRENLAMPI, L.: Comparisons between the microclimates of the Kevo ecosystem study sites and the Kevo Meteorological Station, 50-65.
KÄRENLAMPI, L.: Factor analytic studies on the vegetation of the surroundings of the Kevo Subarctic Station, 66-72.
HAUKIOJA, E. & NYGRÉN, K.: Short-distance movements in the grey-sided vole (Clethrionomys rufocanus), 73-77.
KÄRENLAMPI, L.: On the relationships of the Scots pine annual ring width and some climatic variables at the Kevo Subarctic Station, 78-81.
KÄRENLAMPI, L. & KAUHANEN, H.: A direct gradient analysis of the vegetation of the surroundings of the Kevo Subarctic Station, 82-98.
RAUTAVA, E.: Amphiphytic and aquatic moss vegetation in the rivers Vaskojoki and Kettujoki in Finnish Lapland, 99-107.

Reports 7-8 (1970-1971)

Vol. 8 (1971)
ANDREEV, V. N.: Methods of defining overground phytomass on vast territories of the Subarctic, 3-11.
BLÜTHGEN, J.: Die Dokumentation der Herbstfärbung und ihre floristisch-systematische Differenzierung in Lappland, 12-21.
GROVES, J. W. & ELLIOTT, M. E.: Notes on fungi from Northern Canada VI. Additional records of Discomycetes, 22-30.
HARE, F. K.: Snow-cover problems near the Arctic tree-line of North America, 31-40.
HAVAS, P.: The water economy of the bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus) under winter conditions, 41-52.
HOLTMEIER, F-K.: Waldgrenzstudien im nördlichen Finnisch-Lappland und angrenzenden Nordnorwegen, 53-62.
KALLIO, P. & HEINONEN, S.: Influence of short-term low temperature on net photosynthesis in some subarctic lichens, 63-72.
KALLIO, P., LAINE, U. & MÄKINEN, Y.: Vascular flora of Inari Lapland. 2. Pinaceae and Cupressaceae, 73-100.
KÄRENLAMPI, L.: Weight loss of leaf litter on forest soil surface in relation to weather at Kevo Station, Finnish Lapland, 101-103.
LAINE, U. & NURMI, J.: Factors affecting vegetation and flora of anorthosite and granulite areas in western Inari, Finnish Lapland, 104-115.
MIKOLA, P.: Reflexion of climatic fluctuations in the forestry practices of Northern Finland, 116-121.
OHENOJA, E.: The larger fungi of Svalbard and their ecology, 122-147.
RYVARDEN, L.: Studies in the Aphyllophorales of Finnmark, Northern Norway, 148-154.
SIRÉN, G. & HARI, P.: Coinciding periodicity in recent tree rings and glacial clay sediments, 155-157.
TRANQUILLINI, W. & MACHL-EBNER, I.: Über den Einfluss von Wärme auf das Photosynthesevermögen der Zirbe (Pinus cembra L.) und der Alpenrose (Rhododendron ferrugineum L.) im Winter, 158-166.

Vol. 7 (1970 – 1971)
KÄRENLAMPI, L. (1970): Distribution of chlorophyll in the lichen Cladonia alpestris, 1-8.
KÄRENLAMPI, L. (1970): Morphological analysis of the growth and productivity of the lichen Cladonia alpestris, 9-15. [pdf]
MANSIKKANIEMI, H. (1970): The sinuosity of rivers in northern Finland, 16-32.
KÄRENLAMPI, L. (1971): Studies on the relative growth rate of some fruticose lichens, 33-39.
KÄRENLAMPI, L. (1971): On methods for measuring and calculating the energy flow through lichens, 40-46.
KÄRENLAMPI, L. & PELKONEN, M. (1971): Studies on the morphological variation of the lichen Cladonia uncialis, 47-56. [pdf]
KOPONEN, S. (1971): On the abundance relations of mesofaunal groups in the ground layer of three subarctic habitats, 57-59.
HAUKIOJA, E. (1971): Summer schedule of some subarctic passerine birds with reference to postnuptial moult, 60-69.
MÄKINEN, Y. (1971): On Finnish micromycetes. 9. Sphaerotheca drabae Juel on Saxifraga nivalis in Finnish Lapland, 70-73.
EUROLA, S. (1971): The driftwoods of the Arctic Ocean, 74-80.

Reports 4-6 (1967-1970)

Vol. 6 (1970)
MANSIKKANIEMI, H.: Deposits of sorted material in the Inarijoki-Tana river valley in Lapland, 1-63.

Vol. 5 (1969)
KALLIO, P., LAINE, U. & MÄKINEN, Y.: Vascular flora of Inari Lapland. 1. Introduction and Lycopodiaceae – Polypodiaceae, 1-108.
MÄKINEN, Y.: On Finnish micromycetes. 8. Erysiphales of Inari Lapland, 109-116.

Vol. 4 (1967 – 1969)
MANSIKKANIEMI, H. (1967): Geomorphological analysis of Pulmanki-Tana valley in Lapland, 7-31.
BAGGE, P. (1968): Ecological studies on the fauna of subarctic waters in Finnish Lapland, 32-83.
JUSSILA, R. (1968): Distribution of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) at different altitude belts in Finnish Lapland, 84-89.
HEIKKILÄ, H. & KALLIO, P. (1969): On the problem of subarctic basidiolichenes II, 90-97. [pdf]
VUORISALO, A. (1969): Conjugatophyceae of Utsjoki, Finnish Lapland, 98-111.
ERIKSSON, J. & STRID, Å. (1969): Studies in the Aphyllophorales (Basidiomycetes) of Northern Finland, 112-158.
HUSTICH, I. (1969): Notes on the growth of pine in northern Finland and Norway, 159-170.

Reports 1-3 (1964-1966)

Vol. 3 (1966)
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