Pääsisäänkäynti Kestilään / Kestilä Main Entrance

For Visitors

Welcome to Kevo! Here you can find instructions about accommodation, catering and other practicalities at the station. We hope that you enjoy your stay at the station!

Please see our news about the changes to our services and facilities. 

Location and Research Permits

The Kevo research station lies near the edge of the forest line in Utsjoki, by lake Kevojärvi next to Kevo Strict Nature Reserve (69°45’N, 27°01’E). In the summer, moving in the Nature Reserve is allowed only on marked trails. Please read up about the instructions and rules in Kevo Strict Nature Reserve.

A permit is always needed for research work carried out in protected areas. Permits are applied from Metsähallitus. Assessing applications takes about 2 months.

Read more about permits and regulations for arctic field work in Finland (INTERACT information platform).

Reservations and Prices

All visiting should be agreed beforehand, please contact reservations-kevo@utu.fi to book accommodation at the station.

Let us know your estimated arrival and departure times.

To discuss your requirements and arrangements for research and courses (facilities, transportation, equipment, assistance) please contact kevo@utu.fi. We are happy to help you already at the planning phase of your visit.

Service and bench fees, accommodation prices and related terms of use are available in the station’s price list.


Accommodation is mainly arranged in 2-4 person rooms. Visitors are provided with bed sheets and towels. Single rooms are available for an additional fee, if our accommodation capacity allows that.

An apartment (for 5) and a cabin (for 4, only summertime) are available for scientists who are accompanied by their families. Linen sets for apartments are available for an additional fee. Please note that sleeping bags are not allowed on the station’s beds.

Please do not wear outdoor shoes inside the buildings.

Accommodation for students and researchers’ guests can only be arranged for temporary purposes.

The station also has pet rooms if you wish to bring yours along. Please be sure to ask well in advance about their availability.

Smoking is prohibited indoors. The University of Turku is a smoke-free work and study place where smoking is permitted only in designated areas. At Kevo the smoking areas are next to the workshop and the laavu (campfire tent).


Our canteen is closed and catering is available for groups only (min 10).

There are communal kitchens at the guests’ disposal where meals can be prepared. Please see Explore Utsjoki | Official Utsjoki Tourism Site for services in the Utsjoki village.

Travel Connections and Arrival

Please contact us (reservations-kevo@utu.fi) in advance if you need guidance on arrival or transportation from the bus stop to the station. Please avoid arrival outside office hours, especially if you are coming to the station for the first time.

The station is located close to the main road and can be reached by car (street address: Kevontie 470, Utsjoki). This is a private road, so please let us know if you will arrive by car. Chartered buses are able to use the road Kevontie in the summer time, but please check the road conditions from the staff during winter.

If you arrive by bus, access to the station from the bus stop (request stop Kevo) is across Lake Kevojärvi (250 m, in summer by boat and in winter over the lake ice). Please check the bus timetables from Matkahuolto and book a boat in advance when needed.

The closest airport in Finland is in Ivalo with a bus connection from Ivalo to Kevo (c. 150 km). There are also airports in Norway at about the same distance from Kevo (Kirkenes, Lakselv, Vadsø).

Alternatively, train connections exist from Turku and Helsinki to Rovaniemi followed by a bus connection via Ivalo to Kevo (450 km).

Registration and Payments

Upon arrival fill in a registration form which will be given together with the keys. Registration forms are also available at the office or on a bulletin board. Return the form on arrival to the office or the mailbox located in the lobby of the main building Kestilä. Students must show their student card when returning the registration form.

You can pay your accommodation at the station during the opening hours of the office with card, or ask for a bill. Send your billing details by email or write them clearly on the registration form. Please note there will be an additional charge of 15 € for bills under 100 €.

When you are leaving, return the keys to the office, or, outside office hours, to the mail box next to the office door. Lost keys will result in an extra charge.

Sauna, Boats and Freetime


The lakeside sauna can be heated up in the summer season on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.  

You can book a private sauna turn subject to a charge. Mark the time of your turn (2 h, or 4 h for groups) on the board located in the main building’s lobby to notify others. In the winter season there is an electric sauna available for guests for an additional fee. Contact the office to book your own sauna turn.

Boats and bicycles

Rowing boats and bicycles can be used freely by those staying at Kevo. Ask for assistance from the staff before the first row. Do not operate motor boats without permission. Please bear in mind the borders of Kevo Strict Nature Reserve also when you go boating.

Remember to always wear life vests when on boat. They can be found in the container at the shore and in the boats.

Please remember to secure the boat with a rope when you return it. The water level of the lake can change markedly after rain. Do not take the last boat: always make sure that there’s at least one boat left at the shore for emergency situations.

Leisure activities

There is some equipment for games available. You can also borrow the station’s bikes, skis, sledges and snow shoes. The staff will be happy to help you with the equipment. In the laavu (campfire tent) you can spend an evening around the fire in a small or big group.

The research station is situated next to the Kevo Strict Nature Reserve where moving is only allowed on marked trails. Please familiarize yourself with the rules and ask the staff for further information.

Services in Utsjoki village

In Utsjoki (18 km from the Kevo bus stop) you’ll find the Village House Giisa. There is a café, local souvenir shop, corner shop and information desk where you can hear more about hiking and fishing possibilities. More information about the events of Utsjoki and free time activities you will find also from the Explore Utsjoki – website.

There is a grocery shop and a post office associated with the shop (the nearest actual post office is in Ivalo, 150 km), library, swimming hall, accommodation providers, pub and a bank (Osuuspankki) in Utsjoki. The nearest cash machine (ATM) is in Inari. Bigger stores are in Nuorgam (further north) and Ivalo (further south).

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