talvinen ilmakuva Kevonniemi rakennuksineen


Kevo research station has been in Utsjoki, Northern Lapland, by lake Kevojärvi, since 1958. The station is open throughout the year.

The main building, laboratory, canteen and most of the accommodation buildings are located in the Kevonniemi area, at the end of the road Kevontie (see the map below).

The office, canteen and some housing facilities are situated in the main building Kestilä. Värri and Juovva, and in summertime also Pekola and Tutkijanmaja (Researcher’s Hut), are for accommodation. The station offers accommodation in 2-4 person rooms for up to 60 people in summertime, and for 40 in wintertime. In each accommodation there is also a shared kitchen equipped with basic kitchenware.

The lecture hall, library and computer room are situated in the laboratory building. We have also a well-equipped workshop at the station.

The timbered lakeside sauna is the oldest building of the station (since 1958).

Print the station map (pdf).

map of the station area with names of the buildings


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