Ask for help and make sure to look after yourself

Here are some thoughts after taking part in UTU’s On my mind -project’s peer support training. Everyone feels blue every now and then but especially during the pandemic the remote learning and its challenges have been hard on the students.

It’s important for everyone to have someone to talk to so they don’t need to be alone with their thoughts and worries. There is nothing wrong or shameful about needing for help or asking for it. If you hurt your ankle, you go see a doctor for help and in the same way you should always ask for help when you have mental health struggles.

Remember to be kind to yourself, it’s good to have goals but your grades and achievements don’t define your value. You don’t always have to do your best – sometimes just showing up is enough. If you have anything you want to talk about us peer tutors are excited to offer a listening ear!

Have a lovely autumn <3

Peer student, Emilia