Support students

The goal of the On My Mind project is that nobody is left alone with their worries and difficulties. The conversational help provided by support students is invaluable in the university community.

Support students are volunteers from different faculties and stages of their studies who are ready to be present and listen to their fellow students. Support students are not health care professionals themselves, but if necessary, they know where to find suitable professional help utilizing their orientation training (MTEA®2) and the materials they have received, as well as the support provided by the staff of the On My Mind.

Support students receive training before peer support activities begin. They participate in Mental Health First Aid (MTEA2) training. The training includes two contact learning days (2x 3 h) and self-study assignments. In addition, they will have comprehensive support materials to utilize.

What do support students do?

Support student activities can be carried out e.g. through the following roles:​

  1. by giving one-on-one peer support to a fellow student
  2. by representing the activity at ​student events
  3. by being involved in group activities (e.g. study circles)
  4. by developing subject association cooperation
  5. ​by producing content for our website and social media channels

How to contact a support student?

A “shall we talk?” form can be found on our front page through which a contact request can be submitted for support students.

You can name topics that you would like to discuss about. The support student, whose areas of strength are best suited to the named topics, will contact you within approximately ten days (with the exception of vacation periods).

After this, you can plan with the support student how to continue and where to meet.

There are 1-5 meetings.