Acentra is an agile, service-minded and competent Finnish IT company with over 10 years of experience in customised business software systems and solutions. Acentra is an expert in systems integrations, data management and reporting solutions. Acentra is responsible for delivering, maintaining and providing support and training for the service platform that contains IKITIK’s language technology solutions, and also assists in building and integrating related systems. The platform makes the language tools and content produced by IKITIK available to the systems that need them.


The Lingsoft language technology company was established in 1986. Its technology is practically the de facto standard around the world. Lingsoft’s customers include Microsoft, for which Lingsoft produces the spellcheck tools for all the Nordic languages. Lingsoft is the market leader in its sector for all the Nordic languages, German and many non-European languages. Within IKITIK, Lingsoft is the expert in checking and analysis technology.

Department of Nursing Science, UTU

Department of Nursing Science, UTU started providing education in 1986 and is today a diversified teaching and research unit. Students graduate from the department as Bachelors or Masters of Heath Sciences. They can then go on to complete doctoral studies within the University. The department coordinates a national researcher school within nursing science, shared by five universities, and belongs to a European network of nursing science researcher training units. Graduates find employment in various demanding specialist, administrative and teaching positions in health care. Nursing science is a field of research within health sciences that focuses on self-care and care of others. The objective of care is to achieve the health of the person, group or community being cared for. Basic research is conducted to develop the theories that describe and define care, as well as other related factors. Applied research is used to develop diverse operating models to meet the continuously changing needs of care practitioners. Within IKITIK, the team led by Professor Sanna Salanterä provides expertise and research related to clinical nursing, particularly concerning decision-making and reporting.​

Department of Information Technology/, Turku BioNLP Group, UTU

The Turku BioNLP Group is a group of researchers at the Department of Information Technology at the University of Turku as well as the Turku Centre for Computer Science (TUCS). The main focus of our research are various aspects of Natural Language Processing, ranging from corpus annotation to machine learning theory and applications. The main application area we’ve been focusing on is the domain of biological, biomedical, and clinical text.

Department of Information Technologies/Embedded Systems, ÅAU

The Embedded Systems Laboratory does research on the practice and theory of embedded and automation systems. A central vision of the laboratory is to contribute to development of solutions for improving energy-efficiency of systems, both traditional ICT systems (mobile, Green-ICT), as well as automation systems for energy production. The leader of the Embedded Systems Laboratory is professor Johan Lilius.

Turku Centre for Computer Science

TUCS, the Turku Centre for Computer Science, is an internationally renowned joint research and education institute of the University of Turku and Åbo Akademi University. It has been in operation since 1994. There is more than 60 professors, senior researchers, postdoc researchers, as well as more than 100 doctoral students in TUCS community.
In TUCS research center there are four thematic research programmes of which the BioHealth research programme is in close connection with Ikitik consortium.

School of Languages and Translation Studies, UTU

The University of Turku School of Languages and Translation Studies is a diversified research, teaching and further education centre. Since early 2010, the school has encompassed all the language and translation studies provided by the University. The school’s graduates are experts and researchers in languages, cultures and communications. The school’s bachelor and master’s-level teaching is based on advanced international research. The school conducts multidisciplinary linguistic research, particularly in the following strategic areas for the university: learning and education studies; cultural and social interaction research; and Mediaeval and Renaissance studies. The school has its own doctoral programme, entitled Utuling. The school is a multidisciplinary expert organisation within language research, whose specialist areas include multilingualism in society, academic and intercultural communication, and linguistic policy. The school also takes into account the changes taking place in society in its operations (Action Plan for 2012). To IKITIK, the School of Languages and Translation Studies contributes expertise in language maintenance, language clarity, linguistic and textual structures, and the use of text in different situations and functions.

Faculty of Business, ICT and Life Sciences, Turku University of Applied Sciences

Business, ICT and Life Sciences is one of the four faculties of Turku University of Applied Sciences. We are a multi-field, internationally competent educational unit of Business, ICT and Life Sciences. We educate Bachelors and Masters in engineering and in business administration in 15 degree programmes. The faculty employs 180 experts and has around 3000 students. In addition to providing higher vocational education, the faculty carries out active applied research and development. The R&D activities at TUAS are targeted for the service of enterprises, research institutes and other communities. All operations are oriented towards enhancing the welfare and development of the surrounding labour market and region. One of the areas of focus in education and applied research and development is welfare and health care technologies. To the IKITIK Consortium, the faculty brings solid competence in applied R&D, several state-of-the-art development labs and an extensive and diverse team of experts. Within development projects, our experience of living lab-style user-driven product development allows for varied testing and piloting.

Turku Science Park Oy

Turku Science Park Oy promotes the use of higher education competence and business competitiveness in order to generate new business within biotechnology (BioTurku), information and communication technology (ICT Turku) and innovative green operations. ICT Turku, which operates as a part of Turku Science Park, focuses on applied ICT and health and welfare technology, and is also making headway in investigating the opportunities in innovation-based green business. The IT applications used in the Turku region relate particularly to health and well-being, biotechnology, language technology, the maritime industry and metallurgy. Within the IKITIK consortium, Turku Science Park acts as a resourcing unit and a national and international link between the consortium and other bodies.

The Hospital District of Southwest Finland

The Hospital District of Southwest Finland is one of five university hospital districts in Finland. The hospital district’s tasks include providing specialist health care services, as well as comprehensive development of the health care service system. The hospital district is bilingual. Its units and hospitals provide extensive health care education and carry out lots of internationally relevant scientific research. The hospital district employs around 6,000 people and generates a turnover of around EUR 500 million. Within IKITIK, the hospital district defines realistic areas of application, provides the data needed for technology development, and allows for solutions to be tested in genuine usage environments.


Kites is a national association for multilingual communication and content management. This means bringing together traditional linguistic and cultural competence with multichannel communication skills through language and speech recognition technology. This can enhance companies’ communication and interaction abilities when working in multilingual and multicultural business environments. Kites brings together the main operators, customers and key persons in the field, representing the entire value chain in the field: research, product development, education, production, marketing and support services. Members of the Kites business and expert network participate in turning products, technologies and services into international business. Thematic team work lies at the heart of the association’s operations.

BCB Medical Oy

BCB Medical Oy is a provider of pioneering information systems to the health care sector. Their medical pathway systems are designed to assist doctors and nursing staff in their everyday management of clinical pathways for the benefit of their patients. They specialise in information management and bring a strong trio of support to clinical pathway implementation: efficiency improvement, treatment quality and effectiveness follow-up, and comparability of medical information.