Smart Healthcare Leadership and Management

Smart Healthcare Leadership and Management


We explore opportunities and impact of applying information technologies to supporting decision-making in different levels in heath care.


Intelligent Information Management for Healthcare Leaders

The purpose of this project is to determine the content, the source and the presentation format of important information, as well as quality indicators that are valid in health service provision. Simultaneously, the project explores the needs and possibilities of new technology solutions in strategic and operative management in a new type of health service delivery and in decision-making related to patients and nursing staff. As a result different users are offered relevant information depending on their position. One key area is to utilise real-time data and advanced analytics to improve decision-making for improved operational efficiency in healthcare settings. The ultimate goal is to create a more agile and responsive healthcare system that can adapt to dynamic and complex operational environments.

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Knowledge-Based Management in Perioperative Nursing

The aim of this research project is to enhance knowledge-based management in perioperative nursing and thereby develop the efficiency of perioperative nursing from the clinical, administrative and patient perspective. The decision-making in perioperative nursing and its management requires relevant and reliable information that meets the users’ needs in ensuring surgical patients’ safe and evidence-based care.

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Federated Health: A Nordic Federated Health Data Network

In this project, a federated health data network will be developed, geared towards secondary use of health data. The project utilises distributed machine learning, specifically federated learning, to ensure data privacy and ownership. The federated health data network will be built upon privacy-preserving and secure distributed training of multilingual clinical language models in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finnish, and Estonian. Additionally, the solution incorporates a distributed ledger with smart contracts and blockchain technology, enhancing transparency and security. Two use cases will be used to demonstrate the innovation potential of unstructured clinical text data: the detection of medical implants and the detection of adverse drug reactions.

The project is led by the Norwegian Centre for E-health Research, Tromsø, Norway, in collaboration with the partners:

  • University of Turku, Finland
  • Stockholm University, Sweden
  • County Council of Östergötland/Linköping University Hospital, Sweden
  • DNV, Norway
  • University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • University of Tartu, Estonia
  • Omilon, Denmark
  • Cambio, Sweden

This project is one out of two projects funded under the Life Science and Health Tech program and the AI and Data program and supported by the Nordic Ministerial Council for Digitalization, which encompasses cooperation between the Nordic countries and Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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Natural Language Processing for Healthcare Management

In this project we explore and evaluate the application of natural language processing (NLP) technologies within the healthcare sector, particularly in areas pertaining to leadership and management. The project’s primary objectives include utilising electronic health record data (EHR) to develop intelligent tools that enable healthcare leaders to better monitor service provision and quality of provided care for more informed decisions. This project involve sinterdisciplinary collaboration between computer scientists, healthcare professionals, ethicists and data privacy experts, all working towards leveraging NLP to enhance healthcare leadership and management.

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Competent Leadership for Improved Staff and Health Outcomes

The project aims to develop and enhance leadership capabilities within healthcare and wellfare leaders to positively impact both staff well-being and services. By focusing on competencies such as communication, decision-making and team management, the project seeks to evaluate the impact on educational interventions developed and improve the overall operational effectiveness and create a supportive and efficient work environment. Ultimately, the goal is to cultivate leaders who can effectively navigate the complexities of healthcare operations and drive positive outcomes for both staff and patients in an interdisciplinary manner.

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Engaging Employees by Effective Leadership in Healthcare

The goal of this project is to develop and implement strategies for effective leadership aimed at engaging employees within the organisation. We will focus on identifying and utilising practical tools that foster a positive work environment, enhance communication, and encourage collaboration. By emphasising the importance of strong leadership, we aim to increase employee satisfaction, motivation and productivity. This project seeks to create a supportive and empowering workplace culture through the implementation of tailored leadership practices and initiatives.

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Situational Awareness in Healthcare Operations Management

The project determines explores the meaning, components and the levels of situational awareness in healthcare operations management across settings. By measuring the impact of integrating various data sources and leveraging technologies the project aims to enhance situational awareness for healthcare operations leadership, leading to better resource allocation, improved patient care and overall operational effectiveness.

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Instruments developed

  • The Hospital Shift Leaders’ Information Needs Questionnaire
  • The Instrument for the Evaluation of Advanced Life Support Performance
  • The Instrument for the Assessment of Situational Awareness in Operational Management

For further information please contact laura-maria.peltonen(at)

Principal investigators

Kristiina Junttila

Research personnel

Research group leaders

Laura-Maria Peltonen Docent, RN, MHSc, PhD, FEANS, FIAHSI

Kristiina Junttila Docent, RN, MHSc, PhD

Post doc researchers

  • Outi Tuominen
  • Jani Paulin

Doctoral researchers

  • Maria Pulkkinen
  • Hanna von Gerich
  • Tanja Liukas
  • Lilli Ristevirta
  • Mikael Helenius
  • Marjut Asunmaa
  • Pia-Maria Tanttu
  • Janne Kommusaar
  • Lili Schöler
  • Ilze Steenkamp

Master students

  • Emmi Myllymäki
  • Johanna Sillantie-Korja
  • Merituuli Eriksson
  • Mirva Kuutti
  • Ella Valkeapää
  • Milla Haapala
  • Vilma Blomros
  • Reino Tissari
  • Rosa Salmela