Who we are

The aim of IKITIK is to support producing and using health information and communication by developing innovative, intelligent, state-of-the-art clinical information and language technology solutions. They are based on end-user needs and will be carefully tested using both statistical techniques and genuine end-user feedback. To assure their quality, international applicability, practical relevance and interoperability with existing electronic patient information systems, solutions are developed in interdisciplinary and international collaboration of care providers, clinical documentation and decision-making experts, as well as information and communication technology developers and providers. Outcomes contribute to clarity, understandability and accessibility of patient narratives. This has positive impacts on patient safety, care quality, and efficiency and profitability of health care services. Further, improved patient narratives emphasize customer orientation and individualized care.



Hans Moen
Computer science coordinator
Academy of Finland postdoctoral researcher
Department of Future Technologies
Natural language processing, Clinical language processing, Machine learning, Text summarization
+358 449 683 372
Laura-Maria Peltonen
Health science coordinator
Doctor of Health Sciences
Department of Nursing Science
Hospital operative management, Health language processing, Critical care nursing
+358 29 450 2010
Sanna Salanterä
Professor, University of Turku,
Department of Nursing Science,
Head nurse, Hospital District of Southwest Finland
Clinical nursing science, Health care technology​
Tapio Salakoski
Professor, University of Turku,
Department of Information Technology and TUCS
Computational linguistics, Machine learning, Data science
Johan Lilius
Professor, Åbo Akademi University,
Department of Information technologies and TUCS
Embedded systems, Smart spaces, context-aware systems
​Heikki Korvenranta
Docent, University of Turku
Hospital construction, Medical advisor​
Heljä Lundgren-Laine
Head nurse, Hospital District of Southwest Finland
Knowledge transfer, Health technology
Kristiina Junttila
Doctor of Health Sciences
Knowledge management, Perioperative nursing

Junior researchers Department of Nursing Science, University of Turku

Riitta Danielsson-Ojala
Master of Health Sciences
Nursing documentation, Speech regocnition, Usability testing

​Laura-Maria Peltonen
Master of Health Sciences
Knowledge management in care coordination, Intensive care nursing and Health language processing

​Leena Uronen
Master of Health Sciences

Kristiina Heikkilä
Master of Health Sciences

Satu Poikajärvi
Master of Health Sciences

Eriikka Siirala
Master of Health Sciences

​Kirsi Terho
Master of Health Sciences

Henry Suhonen
Master of Health Sciences

Junior researchers Department of Future Techonologies, University of Turku

Juho Heimonen
Master of Science
Text mining, Ontologies, and Machine learning

Kai Hakala

Joni-Matti Huotari
Department of Future Technologies
University of Turku

Farrokh Mehryary
Department of Future Technologies
University of Turku

​Antti Vikström
Department of Future Technologies
University of Turku

School of languages and translational studies, University of Turku

​Veronika Laippala
Language analysis, Computational linguistics, Clinical language variants, Corpus linguistics


​Filip Ginter
Department of Future Technologies
University of Turku

​Antti Airola
PhD (Technology)
Machine learning and Text mining

Tapio Pahikkala
Department of Future Technologies
University of Turku

Elina Kontio
Doctor of Health Sciences
Health Informatics and eHealth

Juha Kontio
Dean, Director of Education,
Turku University of Applied Sciences,
Faculty of Business, ICT and Life Sciences
Data management, Information systems and Business

Teppo Saarenpää
Turku University of Applied Sciences

​Hanna Suominen
Senior Researcher in Machine Learning at National Information and Communications Technology Australia (NICTA)
Adjunct Professor in Computer Science in the University of Turku (UTU)
Adjunct Research Fellow in Computer Science in the Australian National University (ANU)
Professional Associate in Health in the University of Canberra (UC)
Health and wellness applications, Machine learning, Mathematical modeling, Natural language processing, Performance evaluation, Signal processing


Juhani Reiman
CEO, Lingsoft Oy

​Petteri Viljanen
Managing Director, BCB Medical Oy

​Kirsi Aantaa
Master of Arts
Language analysis, Reading comprehension

Other members

​Jari Björne

Lotta Hamari
PT, Master of Health Sciences
Children’s physical activity and Health promotion, Health games and eHealth

​Anni Pakarinen
Bachelor of Health Sciences
Health promotion, Children’s and adolescents’ health and Health games

Heidi Parisod
Master of Health Sciences
Health promotion, Health games and eHealth

Tomi Westerlund
Senior Researcher, PhD (Technology)
Internet of Things, System Modelling and Verification

​Camilla Wide
Professor, University of Turku, School of Languages and Translation Studies

​Ilona Tuominen
Project management and administration,
Molecular biology
+358 50 597 9221

​Janne Lahtiranta
University of Turku, Information Systems Science
Personal Health Record, Personal Health Information Management, Health Care Information Systems, Concept Development, Informatics, Business Strategy, Start-ups

​Mika Willberg
Managing Director, Acentra Oy
Business intelligence, Data management, System integration

​Natalia Díaz-Rodríguez
MSc. Computer Engineering
Smart Spaces, Ambient Intelligence, Semantic Technologies

Ranjita Pradhan​
Masters student in Information Technology
Network Security

Tuomo Helo
Turku University of Applied Sciences

Tuukka Ojanen
Turku University of Applied Sciences