Ethical Health Care and Nursing

Ethical Health Care and Nursing

Research programme focuses on improving the ethical quality and safety of health care and nursing.

In the programme, we aim to analyse the value basis and ethics of nursing and health care, from the perspective of patients and population, different professionals, and health care organisations. Furthermore, learning and teaching of ethics, as well as ethical competence of professionals, is under investigation. For reaching the aim, we do research in caring ethics, clinical ethics, empirical ethics, and organizational ethics.

Research is conducted in collaboration with researchers in different disciplines, national and international experts in ethics, professionals and leaders in health care practice, as well as patients. In this programme, we have strong international collaboration and have collaborated i.e. in large international COST/RANCARE-network for exploring issues in missed nursing care.

Heads of the Programme

Helena Leino-Kilpi
Riitta Suhonen