Individuality of care services for older people 2010-2016

The evaluation of the realisation of patient individuality in a variety of clinical settings for older people.

The aim of this ICProject  2010-2016 Individuality of care services for older people is to identify and examine the nurse, patient and organisational factors associated with the provision of individualised care from both patients’ and nurses’ perspectives in older people care settings and to compare nurses’ and patients’ perceptions of individualised care and to examine the impact of individualised care on patient and nurse outcomes.

Part I: 2010-2011
ICProject Elderly Study Nurse – Identification of organisational factors of elderly care settings in relation to individualised patient care from nurses’ point of view.

Questionnaire survey in 2010 including the Individualised Care Scale-Nurse and Individualised Care Inventory (Chappell et al. 2007), the Index of Work Satisfaction (Stamps 1997) Data were analysed statistically

Older people caregivers (N = 373, n = 263, 71%) in five municipalities in one healthcare area; primary health care centre wards, nursing homes, sheltered housing/assisted living and home health care.