The research group organizes different types of educational events.

Day of Ethics

Every year, since early 1990s, there is a Day of Ethics at the Department of Nursing Science open for general public. In that Day, results of the recent research in ethics, or other actual ethical topics, will be presented. This Day is free for all interested in ethics and research in that field and the Day will be organized yearly, on the first week of December. More information about the upcoming Day you will find in the webpages of the department of nursing science in autumn.

Education in the field of Ethics in older people nursing care

This research programme provides also lectures or education in healthcare and nursing ethics, please see an example here: General outline of the programme.

Joint meetings for the program

The research team has joint meetings approximately 4 times per season. Aim of the meetings is to have conversation of topical issues in nursing ethics and in each researcher’s work. In addition, for the first year’ master students, master thesis supervision is provided in the seminars.

Courses in bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes

As a part of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes, three courses in the field of philosophy of nursing and nursing science is organized:

Philosophy of Nursing and Nursing Science 1

Philosophy of Nursing and Nursing Science 2

Philosophy of Nursing and Nursing Science (Master’s Degree Programme in Future Health & Technology)

PhD-course in Research in health care and nursing ethics

This research programme is responsible every second/third year for one Finnish national PhD-course in health care and nursing ethics in the Finnish Doctoral Education Network in Nursing Science. In this course, international experts in the field of health care and nursing ethics are teaching, and PhD-students participating are from all five Finnish universities offering PhD-education in the field of nursing science.

Seminars for the PhD candidates

The research programme organizes monthly a seminar for the PhD candidates in the programme. The aim of the seminars is to critically review the candidates’ current work and progress. In addition, in each seminar, there is a common topic under conversation. The content of each seminar is based on the candidates’ current needs.