More career services for international students

The university’s Career Services offer career guidance services to help students and researchers find a meaningful career. Thanks to the university’s strategic focus, a new role to support international students has been established this autumn.

Within this new role, we are able to offer a greater quantity of services (career guidance, CV feedback, information about the job market and internships) to our international students. Lotta Metsärinne, who has been hired for the role, has a long experience in counselling university students and working in an international context.

“International students encounter not only academic pressures but also various challenges associated with relocating to a new country, establishing new networks, and integrating into the local community. The Career Services are committed to facilitating students’ transition into the workforce,” says Metsärinne. 

This autumn we offer:

Job seeking in Finland course, starting 10 Oct

Career Q&A sessions, starting 15 Nov

Info session on internships, 9 Nov

Career guidance