Continuing education

A reliable and active partner

Continuing education is needed by everyone which is why the staff of our own school is also actively educated. The goal of lifelong learning is reflected in our everyday lives and activities.

We share our expertise by designing content for the needs of our target audience, e.g. by designing content for the needs of municipal education activities. We can be contacted regarding any type of learning, teaching, or education needs and, in addition, regarding topical primary education topics.

Our areas of expertise are digital know-how, language teaching, and curriculum work. Please don’t hesitate to contact us regarding other topics as well and we will design suitable training packages.

We are open to cooperation and our partners are the Faculty of Education’s Teacher Training Unit and various training planners. We are actively involved in the production and implementation of national continuing education. We have experience with cooperation regarding continuing education modules organized jointly by the Finnish National Agency for Education, the Regional State Administrative Agencies, and other teacher training schools.

We also participate in educational exports of the University of Turku as experts in learning and teaching. International cooperation has brought our faculty and our school great prestige.

Photo: Esa Hakkarainen

Take contact

Juha Ståhlberg principal, basic education+358 50 577 8199