Teacher Student Training

Proud to provide the best teacher training in the world

Global interest in the Finnish teacher education system over the past few years has also put our unique network of teacher training schools in the spotlight.

Teacher students complete their practical teaching in a training school in a guided manner for which the teacher trainee plan defines the themes, implementation, and scope. Our teachers, who are professionals that have been trained to guide the student teachers, familiarize students with assessing their own activities, looking at learning from the pupil’s perspective, illustrative teaching, finding alternative ways of choosing learning environments, and boldly experimenting and implementing their own innovations.

Students practicing in a teacher training school are an important part of our school’s culture. The presence of young adults is a significant advantage for pupils. Versatile interaction, diversity, and the strengths of each teacher training student allow pupils to study in well-designed teaching. Pupils can be inspired under the guidance of different teacher personalities and thus find support for their own learning and development.

Photo: Hanna Oksanen / Communications

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