Associate Professor Karin Dirke:

  • Karin Dirke is an associate professor in the History of Ideas at the Department of Culture and Aesthetics, Stockholm University. Her work has mainly concerned different aspects of human/animal studies and she has published a number of works within the field. Dirke leads the Human/Animal-studies network at Stockholm university (HAS@SU) and she is a co-founder of the Environmental Humanities Network at Stockholm University. From 2018, in collaboration with environmental humanities-colleagues, she has run the new research school in Environmental Humanities at Stockholm University. More information:

Professor Yrjö Haila:

  • Yrjö Haila is a scholar on multidisciplinary studies on the environment, specializing in a variety of disciplines, such as environmental politics and philosophy of nature conservation and biodiversity.

Professor Anders Ekström:

  • Anders Ekström is a Professor at the Department of History of Science and Ideas, Uppsala University. His overall research interests include modern Scandinavian and European cultural and intellectual history (especially 1800-1950), media history, visual culture, cultural theory, museum and exhibition studies, science and society, science and media, history of humanities, research and higher education policy.

Professor Dolly Jørgensen:

  • Dolly Jørgensen is a specialist in environmental history and animal history. She is interested in how human technologies shape the world around us and how we come to understand what is “natural” and what is not, what is acceptable environmental behavior and what is not. Her research spans from medieval to contemporary environmental issues. Her primary areas of interest are human-animal relations, the urban environment, and environmental policymaking. Jørgensen is a co-creator and co-leader of the Greenhouse research institute on environmental humanities at the University of Stavanger. She is also a former president of the European Society for Environmental History.

Professor Linda Kalof:

  • Linda Kalof is Professor of Sociology and Founding Director of the interdisciplinary doctoral specialization in Animal Studies. She has published widely in animal studies. She has served on the National Academy of Sciences’ National Research Council Committee review of the US wild horse and burro management program, the National Institutes of Health Scientific Review panels on Animal Assisted Interventions and Human-Animal Interaction research, and was recently named an Annenberg PetSpace Fellow.  Her current research, illustrating animals in popular science, has received funding from the National Science Foundation.

Professor Jukka Käyhkö:

  • Jukka Käyhkö is a Professor in the Department of Geography, University of Turku. His areas of interest and expertise include broad topics related to climatology, geomorphology, sedimentology and transdisciplinary human-environment processes. In climatology, he is particularly interested in understanding the regional dynamics and general implications of climate change.

Dr. Timo Maran:

  • Maran is a Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu. His main fields of research are zoosemiotics (sign-based and communicative relations in animals) and ecosemiotics (semiotic relations between culture and nature, semiotic relations in ecosystems). He has also been engaged in research in ecocriticism and environmental communication studies. In his research, Maran proceeds from the theoretical foundations of biosemiotics and traditions of the Tartu Semiotic School.

Associate Professor Bo Poulsen:

  • Bo Poulsen is an associate professor at the Department of Culture and Global Studies at Aalborg University. He is among the leading scholars in marine environmental history and the history of fishing.

Dr. Sari Puustinen:

Academy Professor Hannu Salmi:

  • Hannu Salmi professor of cultural history at the University of Turku and Academy Professor 2017–2021. His research interests focus on digital history and digital humanities, the cultural history of the nineteenth century, the history of film and the media, history of technology, and the history of emotions and the senses. He is also the founding member of the Turku Group for Digital History.

Dr. Nora Schuurman:

  • Nora Schuurman is an Academy Research Fellow at the University of Turku. She is specialized in animal geography and one of the leading scholars of human-animal studies in Finland.

Professor Sandra Swart:

  • Sandra Swart is a professor at the Department of History, University of Stellenbosch. She is a socio-environmental historian and among the world’s leading scholars in animal history, specialized in African history but eager to explore global (comparative) environmental histories and changing human-animal cultures (especially dog, horse, and livestock)

Professor Harriet Ritvo:

  • Harriet Ritvo is an eminent, award-winning historian, who has written several books and many scientific articles on the relationship between human societies and animals. Her wide-ranging topics include human relations with wild as well as tame animals. She has also made major contributions to the methodology of human-animal studies since the 1980s.

Associate Professor Nina Tynkkynen

  • Nina Tynkkynen works as an associate professor in governance under The Sea profiling area at the Åbo Akademi University. She is a social scientist whose research interests include environmental policy, politics, and governance related to the marine environment in general, and the Baltic Sea area in particular. Her research focuses on multilevel governance settings, the politics of knowledge and the construction of environmental problems and the related policies.

Professor Eija Vinnari:

  • Eija Vinnari is an economist who specializes in public sector accounting and auditing; social and environmental accounting, reporting and assurance; social movements and counter accounts; non-human animals; sustainability; philosophy of science and actor-network theory.

Dr. Timo Vuorisalo:

  • Timo Vuorisalo is an ecologist. He is among the leading experts on the history of biology and ecology in Finland.