Ihmisiä usean näytön edessä. EMBA kansikuva, EMBA:an osallistuva haastetaan innovointiin, ongelmanratkaisuun ja uuden liiketoiminnan luomiseen

Good leadership gets things moving

Executive MBA

Executive MBA koulutuksen AACSB-akkreditoinnin tunnus

Executive MBA (EMBA) is our accredited leadership development programme. Executive MBA develops future oriented leaders with a desire for renewal in the constantly changing business environment.

The programme combines latest research with the understanding of contemporary development needs in organisations, resulting in a strong foundation for business expertise.

TSE exe EMBA core themes

Visionary leadership

Become a visionary leader who is future-oriented, capable of business foresight, strategic thinking and decision making. To lead change initiatives you will practice skills to stimulate and inspire others.

Global business excellence

Gain knowledge on global business excellence and dynamics with emphasis on ecosystems, networks and global business development. Develop your views on stake holder management, social enterprise and corporate social responsibility.

Personal growth

Draw on importance of self-reflection and feedback in enhancing leadership identity as part of professional development.

Innovation and new business creation

Learn to recognize and exploit disruptive opportunities with tangible ideas and solutions of new business creation. Strive for innovation, creativity, renewal and entrepreneurial mindset when fostering growth.


TSE exe Executive MBA

About the programme

TSE exe EMBA leadership development programme has a flexible entry three times a year. The programme’s length is apr. 24 months depending on the personal study plan, however participants may complete the studies in their own pace (21-28 months).

Our entry dates 2021:
January 26th, 2022
May 17th, 2022
September 2oth, 2022

Executive MBA is for executives, managers, specialists and entrepreneurs who have:

  • a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
  • Minimum of 5 years of work experience in a demanding specialist or managerial position or equivalent leadership experience
  • Good command of English
  • Courage and motivation to develop organisation and leadership skills

Tuition Fee

Admission fee of TSE exe EMBA programme is 38 000 € (+VAT 24 %). The fee includes:

  • Tuition
  • Study materials
  • Analysis and evaluations, development processes and practical tools
  • Peer and senior mentoring process

Additional costs:

  • Two (2) International Study weeks are invoiced separately
  • Travel and accommodation costs

The fee can be paid in several installments within the duration of the programme.

Benefits for participants

  • Wide understanding of global business dynamics, strategy creation and disruption in the business landscape
  • Executive MBA degree to support career development with enhanced practical skills
  • Powerful network of people with passion for learning and personal development
  • Leadership and management skills with focus on personal growth
  • Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills, both for developing new ventures and for implementing new and innovative ideas within the participant’s organisation
  • Enhanced coaching, peer mentoring, communication, negotiation and influencing skills
  • Visionary thinking in a global and complex business environment with tools for strategic foresight
  • Personalized study plan based on participants background and future interests

Benefits for organisations

  • New competencies and tools for futures thinking and strategic foresight knowledge
  • Assignments and projects to contribute the organisation’s needs by providing tangible ideas and solutions with monetary benefits
  • Up-to-date practices, knowledge and expertise instantly applied for the benefit of the participant’s organisation
  • Organisational development in leadership culture, best practices and ways of working
  • Widening of the organisation’s networks with both customers and business partners.
  • Strengthened employer brand and talent management; rewarding and enhancing employee engagement and commitment.

TSE exe modular structure

TSE exe moduulit ja ohjelmakokonaisuus, kennokuvio.

Integrated EMBA portfolio

  • The Integrated EMBA portfolio is gathered during the EMBA studies. It contains an integrated analysis and reflection of the learning journey in terms of developing yourself and your organisation.
  • At the beginning of the Integrated Executive MBA Portfolio process, the participant will set personal, professional, and organisational goals.
  • The Portfolio process provides up-to-date practices, knowledge, and expertise that can be instantly applied for the benefit of the organisation.

Studying in Executive MBA

Community of Learners

When participating TSE exe’s executive leadership development programmes you are part of TSE exe’s Community of Learners –a community enabling collaboration, co-creation and joint sense making.

Community of Learners is a facilitated process, virtual or face-to-face, which strengthens the individual learning path.

The programme benefits from the expertise of top national and international academics and business people who work at the forefront of global business research and in global business. These experts are highly motivated and committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with the participants in the EMBA programme.

Executive MBA Participants

In TSE exe Executive MBA participants represent several industries, functions and wide range of business backgrounds. Participants might include engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and doctors e.g.  The common feature of our participants is their willingness to learn more and a keen desire to develop themselves.

Networking and sharing best practices are important parts of the EMBA programme and future careers – it may create business opportunities even within the group.​

Mentoring and personal development

Along your study process, we will expose you to different mentoring experiences. Peer and senior mentoring as well as different analyses are crucial in your personal development. You will have an opportunity to upgrade the management and leadership skills needed in your own work.

Our new and versatile study methods encourage you for individual learning processes and enable the development of personal skills.

EMBA Alumni success stories

After graduation, you become a member of both the TSE exe alumni as well as TSE alumni network. Networking and business events are organized every year –only for alumni.

For me as an engineer, one of the main things I’ve learned in EMBA Turku programme is to see the different shades of grey, not just colours. I’ve recognised that what matters is how you use and apply the information and knowledge gained. The bonds within a diverse group of people with various back- grounds made the discussions colourful and fascinating. The EMBA Turku made us students a team, and the team became friends and ‘brothers-in-arms’ for life.

/ Rainer Knuts Operations Director Finland Fläktwoods Oy

EMBA studies gave me an opportunity to grow my own leadership toolbox: no matter what your experience and background is, it is always possible to learn more about the different dimensions of leadership.

/ Kenneth Sundberg Senior Vice President, RD&I Tikkurila

During my EMBA studies, I strengthened my business competence and broadened my perspective.

/ Anna Johansén Managing Director Duetto Group

EMBA Turku offered a very good way to learn – I got a lot of new insights as we combined academic theory with practical things from day-to-day business and also from my own work experience. The diversity of the group and the inspiring fellow students gave me a lot during the studies and the network will be a valuable asset in the future as well. The studies started a personal growth process, which I believe will lift me to a totally different level as a person and as a leader.

/ Tuomas Vasama CFO Aura-marine

For me, the peer mentoring process was mind opening. Networking with fellow students remains an invaluable asset for my future. Overall, I would argue that EMBA Turku has particularly changed my way of thinking about business, leadership, and management.

/ Sammeli Liikkanen Head of Technical and Data Warehouse Services Orion

The EMBA Turku offered me an excellent vantage point on business knowledge and provided management and leadership skills. Still, the greatest value for me as a young leader came in learning from the more experienced leaders and managers. Fellow students and the senior mentors were able to offer knowledge that can never be gained from books.

/ Jussi Juntunen Area Manager for Southern Finland Anvia Business Services

For me, the key in participating in the EMBA programme was to deepen my business competence, broaden my strategic thinking and enhance my leadership skills. As a big bonus, the network of skilled executives and experts brought about by the programme proved to be no less important than the sound knowledge and inspiration gained!

/ Marianne Slotte Head of Procurement, Nordic Region Bayer Nordic SE

The EMBA Turku provided new perspectives for my leadership development and broadened my strategic thinking in particular. The high-standard international and domestic lectures, practical assignments, and interesting peer and senior mentoring sessions have offered the participants different views, so as to challenge the old ways of doing things. Company visits and study journeys abroad have brought an understanding of different organisations, businesses, business competencies and cultures.

/ Anu Keskinen Development Manager SOK

For me, the EMBA Turku programme has been a journey from the past to far into the future. I have noticed the transformation in myself from a general manager into a visionary leader. I have found a new spirit for leading everyday practices!

/ Mika Kontio Chief Officer of Rescue Services Southwest Finland Emergency Services

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