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Starts: January & September
Lenght: 1
Amount of training days:
2–3/month, overall 25 days
12 700 € (+ VAT)



JOKO is a strong, best-in-class leadership development program with long roots in the history of TSE exe. JOKO is designed for experts and managers who want to strengthen their leadership skills and organizations in a multidisciplinary network.

JOKO covers core business areas and offers practical expertise combined with the latest academic knowledge. A special emphasis lays on visionary leadership, corporate foresight and futures thinking, business renewal as well as personal leadership growth.

The goal of the program is to provide participants with the strong foundation of new business competencies, widen their capabilities and skills needed in business leadership and expertise roles and build new collaborative networks.

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JOKO core themes

  • Futures thinking and foresight in leadership
  • Strategic planning
  • Company development work
  • New business opportunities
  • Sales management and customer thinking
  • Business renewal
  • Financial management of the company
  • Leading business processes

Modularity and module-specific assignments

JOKO consists of two modules, and you can start your JOKO program either in September of January to best suit your schedules.

Each TSE exe module includes a capstone assignment, which enables the participant to deepen their understanding of the module’s themes and apply their learning to the direct benefit of their organization, as well as their personal and professional development. In the Visionary Leadership module the capstone assignment is peer-mentoring, and in the Exploring Business Excellence module it is a Development Work process implemented in the participants’  own organizations.

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Visionary Leadership

Exploring Business Excellence


After completing the JOKO program, you are already on the TSE exe Executive MBA learning path. JOKO modules are 2/5 of the EMBA program and can credited in the EMBA program within 5 years of graduation.

Why TSE exe JOKO?

Benefits for the Organization

  • Strengthening of business management in different areas
  • Bringing future thinking into the everyday life of the company
  • Clarification of management culture and operating methods
  • Encourages a motivated employee and commits him to the organization

 Benefits for the Participant

  • Updated management skills that you can immediately use in practice
  • Opportunity to learn from participants and experts in different industries
  • New opportunities to expand your job description
  • A wide network of experts at your disposal


Join the Community of Learners

  • When participating TSE exe’s executive leadership development programs, you are part of TSE exe’s Community of Learners – a community enabling collaboration, co-creation and joint sense making
  • As participants you are a vital part of a joint and diverse learning community
  • The community also benefits from the expertise of top national and international academics and business people who work at the forefront of global business research and in global business
  • These experts are highly motivated and committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with the participants in the EMBA program.

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