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TSE exe Executive MBA is TSE exe’s leadership development programme. Executive MBA develops future oriented leaders with a desire for renewal in the constantly changing business environment. The programme combines latest research with the understanding of contemporary development needs in organisations, resulting in a strong foundation for business expertise.

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Peter Zettinig, University Research Fellow, Turku School of Economics

This is Executive MBA

Benefits of Executive MBA

Benefits for the participant:

  • Wide understanding of global business dynamics, strategy creation and disruption in the business landscape
  • Executive MBA degree to support career development with enhanced practical skills
  • Powerful network of people with passion for learning and personal development
  • Leadership and management skills with focus on personal growth
  • Entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial skills, both for developing new ventures and for implementing new and innovative ideas within the participant’s organisation
  • Enhanced coaching, peer mentoring, communication, negotiation and influencing skills
  • Visionary thinking in a global and complex business environment with tools for strategic foresight
  • Personalized study plan based on participants background and future interests

Benefits for the organisation:

  • New competencies and tools for futures thinking and strategic foresight knowledge
  • Assignments and projects to contribute the organisation’s needs by providing tangible ideas and solutions with monetary benefits
  • Up-to-date practices, knowledge and expertise instantly applied for the benefit of the participant’s organisation
  • Organisational development in leadership culture, best practices and ways of working
  • Widening of the organisation’s networks with both customers and business partners.
  • Strengthened employer brand and talent management; rewarding and enhancing employee engagement and commitment.

Studying in Executive MBA

In TSE exe Executive MBA participants have 1-3 day long classroom sessions approximately once a month. As we highly value our participants’ work-life balance and wellbeing, the classroom sessions take place during weekdays.

The classroom activities in the EMBA programme are interactive, promoting inspiring discussions. Various learning methods are used, ranging from lecturing, group work, workshops, cases and company visits to recommended readings, presentations and assignments.

During their studies, participants will reflect on their personal leadership growth and complete an Integrated Strategic Project.

TSE exe EMBA programme consist of entities where the participants may vary during the studies. This creates more opportunities for networking and interaction as well as provides wider in-depth understanding of companies involved with the TSE exe leadership development programmes.


Studies include peer and senior mentoring. Traditionally mentoring is a method in which the aim is to share knowledge, skills, information and perspective to foster the personal and professional growth of another person. Mentoring is an important part of EMBA, as we believe that learning with and from fellow participants (peer mentors) and from experienced senior mentors help the participants to reach new levels of personal development and growth.

Study journeys abroad

The TSE exe EMBA programme includes international study journeys to different parts of the world. The journeys are designed to broaden the participants’ perspectives on business, deepen their understanding on the global business environment and enhance the skills they will require in leading international operations.The journeys also provide a truly global view by looking into businesses abroad, extending networks, and stimulating a well-developed cross-cultural competence.

The programme of the journeys is organised in cooperation with our highly acclaimed international partners.

Our international partners include

  • USA (McCombs School of Business, University of Texas at Austin)
  • Asia (Singapore Management University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong, The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business)
  • Europe (FUTOUR – Italian Future Center)

Executive MBA Participants

In TSE exe Executive MBA participants represent several industries, functions, age groups and cultural backgrounds. Participants might include engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and doctors e.g. The typical EMBA participant has several years of management experience and has a great lead​ership potential. The common feature of our participants is their willingness to learn more and a keen desire to develop themselves.

TSE exe EMBA participants share their knowledge and experience to learn with and from fellow participants. Networking and sharing best practices are important parts of the EMBA programme and future careers -it may create business opportunities even within the group.​

Community of Learners

TSE exe forms a community of learners where we

  • draw from experiential learning (Kolb)
  • elaborate on research and evidence-based contents with practical business applications
  • learn from each other – the power of peer and team learning
  • adopt and apply management and leadership concepts and tools
  • learn life-wide.

The programme benefits from the expertise of top national and international academics and business people who work at the forefront of global business research and in global business. These experts are highly motivated and committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with the participants in the EMBA programme.

The versatile assignments included in the programme ensure that the knowledge and skills acquired through studies are instantly applied for the benefit of the participants’s organisation. The participant can bring to the table a critical reflection of the current state of affairs, and will have it consulted with experts and fellow participants on problematic areas to offer an unparalleled source of insight into organisational development.

Join Executive MBA

How to apply?

The Executive MBA is for executives, managers, specialists and entrepreneurs who have:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent work experience
  • Minimum of 5 years of work experience in a demanding specialist or managerial position or equivalent leadership experience
  • Good command of English
  • Courage and motivation to develop organization and leadership skills

Application process

We look for professionals who have already demonstrated business talent and leadership potential. The selection process is based on professional achievement and organisational responsibility and on the future career plans both from the applicants and the organisation’s point of view. To ensure a high-impact learning experience for all programme participants, we encourage applicants to apply with the background of diverse industries, countries, and experiences.

TSE exe EMBA leadership development programme has a flexible entry three times a year. The programme’s length is apr. 24 months, however participants may make a personal study plan to complete the studies faster or slower (21-28 months).

Tuition Fee

TSE exe EMBA fee is 36.500 € (+ VAT 24%) *

The tuition fee covers the teaching, study materials incl. books and lecture materials, project guidance, access to TSE library and information services, lunches, coffee refreshments and scheduled group dinners and visits. The tuition fee does not cover domestic travel or accommodation costs, nor the costs of the foreign study journeys (such as teaching fee, travel and accommodation). The costs of the foreign study periods depend on the location and the content of the journey, and they may vary annually.

*) The study journeys abroad (two in total) are invoiced separately and are paid in addition to the total fee.

The payment schedule for the EMBA programme is agreed with the participant.

Here is a link to the vero.fi web site about the taxation of the MBA programmes. (https://www.vero.fi/syventavat-vero-ohjeet/ohje-hakusivu/48438/tyonantajan-kustantaman-koulutuksen-verotus/)

Executive MBA testimonial video

Our Executive MBA Alumni stories

”For me as an engineer, one of the main things I’ve learned in EMBA Turku programme is to see the different shades of grey, not just colours. I’ve recognised that what matters is how you use and apply the information and knowledge gained.

The bonds within a diverse group of people with various back- grounds made the discussions colourful and fascinating. The EMBA Turku made us students a team, and the team became friends and ‘brothers-in-arms’ for life.”

/ Rainer Knuts Operations Director Finland Fläktwoods Oy

”EMBA studies gave me an opportunity to grow my own leadership toolbox: no matter what your experience and background is, it is always possible to learn more about the different dimensions of leadership.”

/ Kenneth Sundberg Senior Vice President, RD&I Tikkurila

”During my EMBA studies, I strengthened my business competence and broadened my perspective.”

/ Anna Johansén Managing Director Duetto Group

”EMBA Turku offered a very good way to learn – I got a lot of new insights as we combined academic theory with practical things from day-to-day business and also from my own work experience. The diversity of the group and the inspiring fellow students gave me a lot during the studies and the network will be a valuable asset in the future as well. The studies started a personal growth process, which I believe will lift me to a totally different level as a person and as a leader.”

/ Tuomas Vasama CFO Aura-marine

”For me, the peer mentoring process was mind opening. Networking with fellow students remains an invaluable asset for my future. Overall, I would argue that EMBA Turku has particularly changed my way of thinking about business, leadership, and management.”

/ Sammeli Liikkanen Head of Technical and Data Warehouse Services Orion

”The EMBA Turku offered me an excellent vantage point on business knowledge and provided management and leadership skills. Still, the greatest value for me as a young leader came in learning from the more experienced leaders and managers. Fellow students and the senior mentors were able to offer knowledge that can never be gained from books.”

/ Jussi Juntunen Area Manager for Southern Finland Anvia Business Services

”For me, the key in participating in the EMBA programme was to deepen my business competence, broaden my strategic thinking and enhance my leadership skills. As a big bonus, the network of skilled executives and experts brought about by the programme proved to be no less important than the sound knowledge and inspiration gained!”

/ Marianne Slotte Head of Procurement, Nordic Region Bayer Nordic SE

”The EMBA Turku provided new perspectives for my leadership development and broadened my strategic thinking in particular. The high-standard international and domestic lectures, practical assignments, and interesting peer and senior mentoring sessions have offered the participants different views, so as to challenge the old ways of doing things. Company visits and study journeys abroad have brought an understanding of different organisations, businesses, business competencies and cultures.”

/ Anu Keskinen Development Manager SOK

”For me, the EMBA Turku programme has been a journey from the past to far into the future. I have noticed the transformation in myself from a general manager into a visionary leader. I have found a new spirit for leading everyday practices!”

/ Mika Kontio Chief Officer of Rescue Services Southwest Finland Emergency Services

Executive MBA Alumni tarinoita

”Muutos tehtiin työkaluilla jotka EMBA -opinnoissa sain. Halusin painottaa opinnoissani strategiatyötä, ja koulutuksen sisällöt peilautuivat koko kolmen vuoden ajan siihen, mitä työssäni tapahtui. Niihin samoihin työkaluihin olen palannut monta kertaa sen jälkeen, kun valmistuin EMBA:sta vuonna 2014.”/ Antti Järvinen Jimm’s PC Storen toimitusjohtaja  Lue lisää

”Oma työurani edellyttää jatkuvaa opiskelua ja kouluttautumista. Erikoislääkärin ja dosentin pätevyydet saavutettuani olin valmis etenemään johtotehtäviin, mutta lääketieteellinen koulutus ei antanut mielestäni riittäviä valmiuksia asiantuntijaorganisaation johtamiseen liiketoimintaosaamisesta puhumattakaan. Varsinais-Suomen sairaanhoitopiiri on ymmärtänyt johtamiskoulutuksen merkityksen, ja nykyisessä työtehtävässäni leikkausyksikön osastonylilääkärinä sovellan eMBA-koulutuksessa oppimaani käytäntöön joka ikinen päivä. Turun eMBA-koulutukseen osallistuminen on antanut minulle tarvittavat instrumentit ja varmuuden siitä että pystyn johtamaan huippuosaajista koostuvaa organisaatiotani parhaalla mahdollisella tavalla.

Ilman EMBA-koulutusta olisin organisaationi muutosjohtajana SOTE-uudistuksen edessä kuin suunnistaja metsässä ilman kompassia ja karttaa.” / Anu Maksimow Osastonylilääkäri TYKS

AACSB International Accreditation

The AACSB accreditation is internationally a very highly respected recognition of excellence in business education and research. Turku School of Economics earned the accreditation on 25 April 2019.

Read more: https://www.utu.fi/en/news/news/turku-school-of-economics-at-the-university-of-turku-earns-aacsb-international

Executive Diploma in NGO

This programme is targeted to and tailored for NGO managers and experts in Asia. It is offered in Singapore and contains a one-week study tour to Finland, Turku, hosted by the University of Turku. The programme delivery arrangements are flexible and particularly suited to the requirements of participants in full-time careers.

Article in Finnish here

Read more here

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Terhi Alatalo Koulutuspäällikköterhi.alatalo@utu.fi+358 ​50 5019830
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for visionary future leaders who have courage and motivation to develop themselves.

Welcome to the future oriented Executive MBA!

Director Ulla Heinonen TSE exe | University of Turku

TSE exe EMBA programme is strongly oriented to the future: it aims at providing knowledge and skills on how to look far ahead. Drawing from the specific areas of expertise in the faculty of Turku School of Economics and University of Turku, our EMBA programme creates great potential for growth in leadership. The particular strengths of the programme include an excellent student body and teachers, strong ties with the business world, unique processes for personal growth, and outstanding support for learning from a highly competent EMBA team. The structure of our highly regarded programme is based on four specific and unique focus areas: visionary leadership; global business excellence; innovation and new business creation; and personal growth. These perspectives are employed to create an executive programme with a balanced mix of latest academic knowledge, practical business competence, real-world business cases and company visits, development projects that benefit the company, and peer-learning. We believe in personal development that begins with acknowledging and appreciating one’s own potential and qualities as a leader. The journey far starts from near.