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Climate smart food and nutrition

University of Turku - Partner of the Research Infrastructure FOODNUTRI

Research Infrastructure FOODNUTRI

FOODNUTRI is a national research infrastructure focusing on climate smart food and nutrition. The three-year project is funded by the Academy of Finland and lead by the University of Helsinki. In addition to contributing to the implementation of the EU’s Food 2030 policy, the purpose of the infrastructure is to widely serve the whole national food system – from researchers, business operators, authorities, healthcare professionals, farmers to other stakeholders.

The partners of the infrastructure, including University of Turku, contribute to providing tools and methods for food characteristics, physiological responses to food, consumer acceptance, food consumption and nutrient intake as well as on environmental and health impacts.

Foodnutri infrastructure and its platforms in a nutshell.
Image by University of Helsinki.

Services in UTU

University of Turku offers various expert services related to four FOODNUTRI platforms: Food Processing, Food Characterization, Physiological Responses to Food, and Sensory and Consumer Research.