Food Characterization

State-of-art targeted and non-targeted chromatographic and mass spectrometric analysis methods are available for characterizing the chemical composition of food

Food Characterization

Special focus is placed on analysis of food components contributing to sensory properties, stabilities, and health effects of food. Specific questions are for example impact of genetic background and growth environment, and processing on composition and quality of food as well as structure-function relationships of food components.


Instrument time and analysis protocols available for analysis of various food components including total lipid content, fatty acid composition, molecular weight distribution and regioisomers of triacylglycerols and phospholipids, sugars and acids, phenolic compounds, protein content, and amino acid composition. Metabolomics analyses are available based on NMR and mass spectrometry.

We offer independent equipment use subject to charge for academic researchers. Contracted analytical service is also possible for different purposes.

Independent use of equipment:

  • know-how of equipment use is mandatory
  • short technical briefing available
  • booking of equipment through contact person (see the table below)

Instruments, analyses, and contact persons

The email addresses are in form You can also open the contact details in a PDF.

Analysis InstrumentsContact persons
Analysis of volatile compoundsSPME-GC-MSAnnelie Damerau
Analysis of aroma compoundsGC-O-FIDOskar Laaksonen
Total nitrogen content determinationKjeldahl nitrogen analyserAnnelie Damerau
Amino acid compositional analysisHPLC-DADJukka-Pekka Suomela
Total lipid content determinationAutomatic Soxhlet ExtracterMarika Kalpio
Fatty acid composition analysisGC-FIDMarika Kalpio
Molecular weight and regio-isomeric analysis of triacylglycerols(U)HPLC-MS, LC-MS/MS (triple quadrupole)Mikael Fabritius
Molecular weight and regio-isomeric analysis of triacylglycerolsDirect inlet MS, MS/MSMarika Kalpio
Molecular weight and regio-isomeric analysis of phospholipids(U)HPLC-MS, LC-MS/MS (QTOF)Mikael Fabritius
Analysis of chiral triacylglycerols(U)HPLC-DAD using chiral columnsMarika Kalpio
Analysis of tocopherols and tocotrienols(U)HPLC-DADMaaria Kortesniemi
Analysis of phenolic compounds(U)HPLC-DAD, (U)HPLC-MSJukka-Pekka Suomela
Analysis of sugars and acidsGC-FIDOskar Laaksonen
Analysis of Vitamin CGC-FIDOskar Laaksonen
NMR MetabolomicsNMR (joint instrument between UTU and Åbo Akademi)Maaria Kortesniemi
(U)HPLC-MS MetabolomicsUHPLC-MS (QTOF)Kati Hanhineva
Extraction and analysis of different lipid classesSupercritical fluid extraction-supercritical fluid chromatography- mass spectrometry (triple quadrupole)Marika Kalpio
Comprehensive targeted and nontargeted separation and analysis by ultra-high performance 2-dimensional liquid chromatographyTwo-dimensional liquid chromatography with optional detectors: DAD, fluorescence detector, light scattering detectorMarika Kalpio
Other instruments for routine characterizationSpectrophotometers, plate readers, pH meter, analytical scales, centrifuges, tissue lysers etc.Jukka-Pekka Suomela