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Our Expertise

UTU as a partner of FOODNUTRI

Expertise in UTU

Nutrition and Food Research Center (former Functional Foods Forum), Faculty of Medicine

Nutrition and Food Research Center (NuFo) is a research unit focusing on human well-being, health, biodiversity, sustainability, and future technologies.

Our fields of research comprehend:

  • nutrition and nutritional education research
  • research of the microbes promoting gut health, including probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, and postbiotics research
  • sensory research
  • consumer research
  • legislation of functional foods
  • connection between research, gastronomy and art



Food Sciences Unit, Faculty of Technology

The research of the Food Chemistry and Food Development Unit is based on our strength in food chemistry and understanding on the connection between food composition and nutritional properties, sensory qualities, and health effects of food. We apply the most state-of-art molecular level knowledge and green technologies in food development research. Our research reveals the impact of genetic background, environmental factors, and technologies on composition, quality, bioactivities, and health effects of food. Our research has a special emphasis on value addition and sustainable utilization of current food resources as well as exploring alternative resources of food and feed to support the transition towards climate smart food system.

Our research interest and competence are on the following six research themes:

  1. Chemistry, Biochemistry, Technology of Fats and Oils
  2. Secondary Metabolites in Foods
  3. Sustainable Food and Green Processing
  4. Bioactivities and Health Effects of Food
  5. Sensory Properties and Consumer Acceptance Of Food
  6. Foodomics and Metabolomics


Get to know some of our Centres and Research Groups

Early Nutrition and Health, Faculty of Medicine

The goal of the research group is to provide a scientific basis for the relationship between diet and health, including mechanistic studies, focusing on the effects of maternal nutrition, metabolism and gut microbiome on both maternal and child health.

The group is lead by Professor Kirsi Laitinen.

Read more on group’s website

Food Research, Faculty of Medicine

Central topics are, among others, the research of health promoting, multisensory eating environments and healthy & tasty food products following the principles of sustainable development.

The group is lead by Food Development Professor Anu Hopia.

Read more on NuFo’s website

Centre for Population Health Research (POPC)

Centre for Population Health Research (POPC) is a joint centre by the University of Turku and the municipal authority of the Hospital District of Southwest Finland. The purpose of the centre is to advance multidisciplinary health research focusing on different phases of the life cycle and to develop new modelling methods with the help of which national registers and clinical population research data could be utilised for predicting and promoting population health, well-being, and ability to function.