Food Processing

Green processing technologies for improving resource efficiency, sensory qualities, and health-promoting effects of food

Food Processing

Special emphasis is placed on bioprocessing using enzymes and fermentation technologies for sustainable use and value addition to plant-based food resources and for exploring new sustainable food resources.

Our services and facilities


Yeast fermentation for production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages from plant-based food materials using conventional wine yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae and non-conventional yeasts.

Lactic acid fermentation for improving sensory properties and health promoting effects of food.

Facility: laboratory scale bioreactor.

Enzymatic processing

Processing using various enzymes to break down the cellular structures and modification of molecular structures of food components.  Enzymatic treatments are effective ways to release bound components and enhanced their solubility and extraction efficiency.  Enzymatic processing is often used as pre-treatment before fermentation.


Extrusion processing has great potential for processing plant based food rich in proteins and dietary fibres such as meat analogues and snacks.

Facility: laboratory scale extruder

Contact information:

Baoru Yang | PhD, Professor of Food Chemistry, Food Sciences Unit, Faculty of Technology

Oskar Laaksonen | University Lecturer, Food Sciences Unit, Faculty of Technology