Consumer Research in a Living Lab

Flavoria® Research Platform

Flavoria® is a multidisciplinary research platform and, at the same time, a unique lunch restaurant, café, and snack shop. We offer research possibilities and facilities for both scientific and commercial entities, including research institutions, students writing their theses or companies developing their products and services.

Our Facilities and Research Possibilities

Restaurant & Café with Intelligent Lunch Lines

Flavoria® restaurant has intelligent lunch lines and bio-waste stations to collect long-term data on people’s food choices and bio-waste amounts.

Research possibilities include

  • intervention study at the lunch line or café
  • testing new ingredients or products and packages in a real life setting in the restaurant or café
  • conducting research based on the data collected in the restaurant


My Flavoria® App

My Flavoria® is Flavoria’s research application that allows customers to participate in the development of new food solutions, learn about their nutritional intake and earn bonus rewards. Registered users can monitor what they eat, how much waste they leave behind, and view the nutritional values of  their own lunch portions.

The app can be used as a tool for intervention studies.


Multisensory Research Space Aistikattila®

Aistikattila® (Sensory Pot), located right next to the Flavoria lunch restaurant, is an immersive multi-sensory space for research and teaching and for hosting innovation workshops, seminars and events. In this unique space you can create vivid multi-sensory experiences with the help of photos, videos, lighting, sounds and scents.

For example, Aistikattila is suitable for

  • sensory evaluations
  • co-creation studies
  • product studies
  • studies on different environmental effects


Contact information:

Flavoria® Research Restaurant & Aistikattila®
Kiinamyllynkatu 10
FI-20520 Turku